7 Great Snacks 200 Calories or Less

In order to keep your daily calorie consumption in check, your snacks should not exceed 200 calories. Below are some great snacks that will fuel your afternoon munchies without delivering too many calories:

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a tasty snack that comes in a variety of fun flavors. The non-fat version clocks in at only 100 calories a container, which means you can add a few berries or a quarter cup of cereal, and still keep this snack under 200 calories.

2. String Cheese

Nothing satisfies a hunger pang like cheese, and this snack is loaded with calcium. A reduced-fat stick of string cheese is only 70 calories. Therefore, if you’re especially hunger, you can even enjoy 2 servings. Or, better yet, you can supplement your string cheese with a piece of fruit.

3. Mini Carrots and Hummus

When you combine the nutrients of both hummus and carrots, you get the perfect snack! About 30 calories are present in every tablespoon of hummus. Go ahead and indulge in 3 tablespoons of hummus and 6 oz of baby carrots (70 calories). At 160 calories, you could even throw in another tablespoon of hummus or more carrots.

4. Almonds

Yes, nuts are calorie-dense, so you must carefully measure this snack. However, when you consume the perfect amount of almonds, you are benefiting your health without hurting your waistline. There are about 7 calories in 1 almond. Therefore, you can enjoy about 10 almonds or so, wash them down with a glass of non-fat milk (90 calories), and have yourself a satisfying snack. Some nut brands, such as Emerald Nuts, offer 100 calories packs, so you’ll know the exact amount of calories you’re consuming.

5. Snack Bars

There are lots of delicious snack bars on the market that provide a filling daytime treat for only 140 calories. Fiber One is a great brand to choose, as these particular bars deliver 9 grams of fiber in addition to a good amount of calcium. With flavors like oats and peanut butter and chocolate mocha, you’re bound to satisfy your snack cravings and your sweet tooth.

6. Apple and Peanut Butter

Be careful with this one, because just like nuts, peanut butter packs in the calories (healthy calories, though). In fact, one tablespoon of peanut butter amounts to 80-100 calories. Therefore, only enjoy your 80 calorie apple with a single tablespoon of peanut butter. Be sure to spread this creamy delight thin, and savor every bite!

7. Cottage Cheese and Melon

This is a great snack choice that’s chock full of flavor and nutrition. You can mix a half cup of non-fat cottage cheese (80 calories) with two large wedges of cantaloupe (70 calories), and come in at only 150 calories. Why not add a half cup of grapes (30 calories) to the mix?

Next time you find yourself hungry in between meals, consider one of these 7 snacks. They’ll provide the sustenance you need to hold you over until your next meal, while delighting your taste buds.


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