7 Diet Tips to Get Your Swimsuit Body

Looking great in our swimsuit depends more on our physical appearance rather than the color or design of the suit. Although some designs work to cover up the features we do not like, having the proper diet remains key to looking great in any swim wear.

Tip #1 – Carbohydrate Timing

Consuming carbohydrates before workouts gives us the energy we need to perform physically demanding exercise. We also eat carbs after workouts to better assist proteins in order to build new lean muscle mass. However, eating sugary or starchy carbohydrates throughout the entire day will usually result in fat storage.

In most cases, we do not have the ability to use all of the sugars provided by foods rich in carbohydrates. Instead, we store the excess sugars, which eventually turn into fat.

Especially avoid eating carbs late at night or before you go to bed for these reasons.

Tip #2 – Increase Fiber Intake

Eating foods rich in fiber help us in many ways. Not only do most whole food sources rich in fiber help us feel fuller for longer periods of time, they also help us clean our systems out. The roughage found in fiber helps absorb and push the liquid from inside of our bowels out, resulting in a less bloated look.

The fullness affect caused by fiber will help you settle your food cravings as well.

Tip #3 –Vegetables in Place of Grains

Vegetables contain large quantities of vitamins and nutrients. However, for those of you looking to show off the swimsuit, vegetables play another more beneficial role. Vegetables, substituted for grains, act as a fiber rich choice. Most vegetables also contain very low amounts of carbs, making them an excellent choice for men and women who want to tone up quickly.

Tip #4 – Ease Up on Fruit

Much like the carbohydrate tip, fruit contains simple sugar carbohydrates, some of which pass straight through your metabolic system into your liver. That small organ has the ability to hold only so much sugar, passing the rest into fat storages.

Most fruit also contains a high amount of water. Although in most situations this acts as a beneficial trait, the water along with the sugar will leave you feeling and looking bloated.

Tip #5 – Pack on the Protein

Protein rich foods will help you feel full. These foods will also help build muscle. Foods rich in protein generally have low calories, low sodium and low carbohydrates. Think of lean meats and seafood sources.

Tuna fish contains a load of healthy fats and virtually no carbohydrates; salmon remains in the same category. Turkey or chicken breast have tons of protein, no carbs and limited amounts of fat.

Tip #6 – Drink  More Water

Staying hydrated will not only keep your body working properly, it will also help remove things like excess sodium and sugars from your body that keep you from looking toned.

Tip #7 – Limit Sodium Intake

Sodium acts as a charged particle in our bodies that works to retain water. The bloated look that we find so bothersome often happens as a result of excess sodium in our diets.

Check your food labels for high sodium content.


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