7 Day Diet

The 7 day diet is a fad diet that has been circulating the Internet for quite a few years. It goes by many names: the 7 day diet, the cabbage soup diet, the GM diet, the Sacred Heart diet, the all you can eat diet and many others. The true origin of this diet is unknown.

The Premise

The 7 day diet limits your diet to specific foods or types of foods each day of the week. In some variants, such as the cabbage soup diet, you are also allowed an unlimited amount of a certain type of food. The claim of the 7 day diet is that it will flush your body of toxins from junk food and other processed foods.

The Diet

  • Day #1: For the first day of the 7 day diet, you are allowed to eat only fruit, but you may have as much as you like, excluding bananas.
  • Day #2: The second day of the 7 day diet does away with the fruit, but allows you to eat as many vegetables as you want. You are also allowed to eat vegetable soup. The cabbage soup variant allows for a baked potato with a light amount of butter.
  • Day #3: The third day of the 7 day diet combines the first and second days of the diet. You can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you like, excluding bananas and the baked potato.
  • Day #4: Day 4 of the 7 day diet is the most restrictive. Only bananas and milk are allowed, and you are not allowed unlimited amounts. You can have a total of 5 bananas and 5 glasses of milk. One variant of the 7 day diet allows you to have 8 bananas but only 4 glasses of milk. On the cabbage soup diet, you are allowed 8 bananas, but unlimited amounts of milk (but only skim milk is allowed on that variant).
  • Days #5 through 7: The remaining days of the 7 day diet are all the same. You are allowed 4 servings of meat over the course of the day, as well as unlimited green vegetables. The meat can be beef, chicken or fish. Chicken can only be eaten if it does not include the skin. Each portion can be no more than 3 oz in size. Some variants have the following change for day 7: instead of 4 servings of meat and unlimited vegetables, you are allowed unlimited brown rice with fruit and vegetables.

What to Get Excited Over

The appeal of this diet is how easy it is. There are no complicated formulas for counting calories. It is also inexpensive, requiring no membership fees or expensive supplements.

Things to Consider

The 7 day diet, however, has many flaws in its design. Most of the weight lost will be water weight. This weight will likely be regained once off the diet. It does not teach healthy eating habits or encourage exercise—the cornerstones to a healthy weight loss program. It does not encourage a balanced diet, and therefore makes you vulnerable to vitamin deficiencies.


The 7 day diet is merely a fad diet that will not help you with long term weight loss strategies. Avoid it at all costs.


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