7 Acupressure Massage Techniques

Acupressure Massage is a form of healing that utilizes the Chinese medicine meridian system. This healing system is similar to acupuncture, in that points along energy meridians are stimulated, though finger pressure is used instead of needles. Below are seven techniques that you can use to treat yourself, or others, with acupressure massage.

1. Technique for Back Pain

There’s a technique you can easily do yourself that allows you do access acupressure points, along the spine, to treat back pain. Get two tennis balls and place them in a long sock, leaving around four inches between them. Now, get down on the floor and lie on top of the balls, placing one on each side of your spine at waist level. Use the weight of your body to stimulate these acupressure points and relieve lower back pain.

2. Technique for Head Ache Relief

Apply pressure right under the innermost part of your eyebrows with your index fingers. Slide one finger down and gently apply pressure to your cheek bone. Now repeat on the other side. Next, lightly pinch the tops of your brows with your thumb and index fingers. Follow this with gentle circular movements at your temples. Continue with circular movements from your inner eyebrows up to the top of your forehead. Finish with circular movements from the top of your forehead to the base of your neck.

3. Technique for Weight Loss

To suppress your appetite, try this quick and easy method. Pinch your upper lip with you thumb on the inside and your index finger on the outside; massage for 10 seconds or longer. Try doing this before every meal.

4. Technique for Nausea

To control nausea or morning sickness, use the first and second fingers of your hand to massage the area of your inner wrist, located about three finger widths up from your palm. Continue this for three minutes and then switch sides.

5. Technique for Heartburn

Find the area halfway between your breastbone and your belly button. Use the palm of your hand to apply firm, deep strokes of pressure. Continue for two minutes.

6. Technique for Painful Periods

Locate the spot two finger-widths down from your belly button. Next, apply firm, deep pressure to the area and massage for one minute. You might feel some tenderness at first, but it should quickly subside.

7. Technique for Insomnia

Use your thumb to gently massage the indentation on the outside of your hand where your wrist and your palm meet. Continue this for one minute and then repeat on the other side. If this doesn’t do the trick, try massaging under the ball of each foot with your thumbs for an additional minute.

Although acupressure massage is a relatively safe technique, some precautions are necessary. Avoid performing acupressure on areas with open wounds. If you have any circulatory problems or are on blood thinners, consult with a physician before trying these techniques.  Certain acupressure points should be avoided during pregnancy.


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