6 Ways Losing Weight Can Improve Your Sex Life

Losing weight can have a great impact on your sex life. Having fewer pounds on your body can make the act of sex much easier and more enjoyable. Here are a number of ways that losing weight can improve your sex life:

1. Improved Confidence

If you are overweight you may suffer from poor self confidence as a result. As you lose weight, you may start to feel better about yourself. When your self confidence improves, you may be more willing to dress in an attractive way and engage in social situations in which you meet new people with a bright, welcoming smile on your face. Having more self confidence will help you meet potential sex partners and appear more attractive.

Even if you already have a partner, your self confidence may make your partner find you more desirable. Many overweight people report that they feel uncomfortable being naked even in front of a long-time partner if they themselves are not happy with what their naked bodies look like.

2. Increased Desire

A positive self image isn’t the only kind of confidence that improves when you’re losing weight. Feeling more attractive can make you more amorous. In other words, you may feel the desire to have sex more often–and your partner may be more attracted to you when you express more desire.

3. Balanced Hormones

Part of that greater feeling of desire is attributable to your hormones coming more into balance. The further from a healthy body weight you are, the more your hormones grow unbalanced, sometimes resulting in a complete lack of sexual desire. A healthy diet and a healthy amount of physical activity can help regulate your hormones. When your sexual hormones are balanced, you may feel a greater desire for sex and will more easily achieve arousal during sex.

4. More Energy

Losing weight means that you may have more energy to have sex for longer periods of time. A great benefit of having the energy to have sex for longer amounts of time is that the longer you have sex, the more calories you burn (half an hour of sex burns about 150 calories), so you can more easily incorporate sex into your workout to keep the weight off and stay in shape!

5. Ability to Have Sex Can Improve

Many people who suffer from weight problems avoid sex because they feel that they have trouble performing during the act. Excess weight can make it more difficult to achieve an erection, to relax muscles in the vagina so that the experience isn’t painful and to achieve an orgasm. With less weight, your possible difficulties in these areas may diminish.

6. Better Birth Control

It may seem like an odd sex life benefit of losing weight, but studies have indicated that overweight women are as much as four times more likely to have unplanned pregnancies than women who are at a healthy weight. This may be because overweight women have sex less often and are less likely to be adamant about using regular birth control methods. If your weight goes down and you begin having sex more regularly, you may begin a regular birth control regimen. 


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