6 Tips for Wearing Leggings

Leggings, those fitted coverings for your legs, are available in a variety of lengths and styles. While they can be comfortable and attractive if you know how to wear them, they can also be quite unattractive if you don’t choose the right style and coordinate them correctly. Before you decide to show off your leggings in public, think of these tips in order to wear these chic fashion accessories with style.

1. Think of Them as Accessories, Not Pants

The first big fashion don’t when it comes to leggings is to think of them as pants without considering what else you’re wearing. If you wear them without anything covering up your rear end, any flaws you have around your waist and rear-end will be immediately obvious. (If you’ve got perfect curves, go wild! Most women have a bulge or two, though.) You should wear them under skirts, shorts or long shirts, so that your rear is covered up.

2. Know What Length Skirts or Shorts to Pair Them With

Leggings look the best when they peek out from under other clothes at just the right length. Pass on the mini-skirts and short-shorts when pairing them with fitted leg coverings. You should instead choose skirts or shorts that fall just above the knee. Longer skirts or shorts don’t compliment the leggings. You should also choose tighter-fitting skirts and avoid the baggy, pleated type of skirt, which doesn’t look as well with fitted leg coverings.

3. Choose Simple Colors

Leggings come in all sorts of outlandish patterns and colors, but unless you’re trying to make a statement, you should stick to plain colors. Your choice of colors should coordinate with the rest of your outfit. Dark colors, such as black and brown, tend to coordinate well with many outfits, as do plain lighter colors, such as gray and tan.

4. Avoid Wearing Socks or Leg Warmers

Another common fashion faux-pas is to pair leggings with socks or leg warmers. Fitted leg coverings look best on their own. Just find a pair of attractive close-toed shoes. Boots and sandals don’t usually coordinate well with with fitted leg coverings.

5. Choose Longer Tops

Although some women may choose to wear leggings with dresses, they look better with long blouses or shirts if you’re going to bypass the skirts or shorts. Just remember to coordinate your fitted leg coverings with your top instead of thinking of them as pants to show off your rear end. Your blouse or shirt should be longer than the traditional blouse or skirt so that it covers your rear end, but not so long that it reaches to your mid-thighs.

6. Wear Baggy Tops

Wearing tight-fitting tops as well as tight-fitting leg coverings can be overkill. You’ll highlight all of your flaws and look like you’re in a body suit. That’s why you should wear leggings only with baggy tops. You can make many baggy blouses or shirts look more attractive with a belt at your waist or hips.


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