6 Tips for the FullBar Diet

The FullBar Diet aims to offer the benefits of weight loss surgery without going under the knife. By eating a FullBar prior to a meal, FullBar Diet creator Dr. Snyder asserts that you will feel fuller while eating the meal. By doing this, you will consume fewer calories during the day, and therefore lose weight. Below are 6 tips to aid your success on the FullBar Diet:

1. Drink Water

Drinking water is a wonderful way to help your body feel satisfied without ingesting calories. By drinking a full 8 oz. glass of water after eating the FullBar and another 8 oz. during the subsequent meal, you will help your body feel full sooner.

2. Healthy Meals

While the FullBar Diet does not provide a strict meal plan to follow, make sure you are eating healthy foods to increase your chances of losing weight. This includes lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy.

3. Portion Control

The aim behind the FullBar Diet is to have dieters feel full sooner and therefore eat less at each meal. When on the FullBar Diet, you will want to exert portion control. If you avoid overloading your plate, you will avoid overeating. An excellent idea is to eat your dinner on an 8 inch salad plate. The smaller plate naturally forces portion control.

4. Eat Smaller Meals

If you only eat two large meals a day, you are causing your sugar levels and metabolism to drop low, which is creating that intense hunger and sugar craving you experience near dinner time. To avoid these cravings, aim for several small meals throughout the day. For the FullBar Diet, try to eat 5 small meals spaced 3 hours apart. In addition to these 5 meals, you would also enjoy 2 FullBars a day. By switching your eating habits this way, you will improve blood sugar control, and therefore will be better able to manage hunger and potentially reduce calorie intake.

5. Pay Attention to Those Hunger Cues

This may be the most important tip when following the FullBar Diet. By eating slowly and training your body and mind to recognize hunger cues accurately, you will likely be able to eat less on the FullBar Diet. After consuming a FullBar, you should become fuller sooner during the following meal. The aim is that over the course of the day, you will consume fewer calories than if you were not on the FullBar Diet.

6. Get Moving

Aim to be as physically active as possible throughout the day. Throughout the course of the day, you will have several opportunities to burn calories: avoid those elevators, and take the steps! Instead of hunting for the closest parking spot, park in the back of the lot and speed walk into the store. Go for a stroll over lunch or walk down to a coworker’s office to talk instead of sending her an email. All the little things will add up. Moving more will mean weighing less.


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