6 Scrumptious Travel Snacks for the Plane

Remember the days when travel snacks meant a plastic tray with a something-that-resembled-chicken breast and soggy green beans?  You don’t have to torture your taste buds while traveling! Pack a lunch-bag sized container with a few snacks that curb all of your cravings.  Portion out your snacks before you leave so you don’t overdo it, and so you are aware of how many calories you are eating en route.  Pack the foods in stackable, reusable containers so they can be stacked smoothly, taking up less room in your carry-on.  Just remember to stay away from foods like applesauce, pudding and fruit cups with liquid to avoid getting them taken from TSA.

1.  Trail Mix

Pick a salty variety with a healthy combination like nuts, seeds and pretzels.  Throw in a few dried cranberries, goji berries, or raisins for a low-cal sweet addition to your mix. Adding a whole wheat cereal to it will also keep you full with the fiber. If you must have some chocolate, throw in a few dark chocolate chips that pack antioxidants.

2.  Raisins

These babies are as chewy as can be, but are also full of iron and antioxidants.  Eating them one at a time will take you awhile to get through the little box, so they’ll keep you busy!

3.  Apples

Super-portable and crunchy, apples keep you satisfied thanks to their high water content.  For only 60 calories, you can choose a sweet crunchy apple like a Honeycrisp or Ambrosia apple, or a more sour Golden Delicious if you prefer. You’ll also be keeping yourself hydrated–something very important in that dry air!

4.  Carrots

Crunch, crunch, crunch your way to your final destination with baby carrots or their peeled and cut counterpart.  Carrots will keep your mouth working for just a few calories a pop (only about 20 in a pre-packaged baggie of baby carrots).  Plus, you’ll get some valuable antioxidants while you nosh during the in-flight movie.

5.  Peanut Butter Sandwich

Even just a half of a peanut butter sandwich will feel like a meal. Be sure that it’s nutritionally sound by using whole wheat bread, and certainly use natural peanut butter to avoid the nasty hydrogenated oils in regular P.B.  Skip the jelly, and you reduce the calories by at least 50. If you can’t bear to eat it without the fruity flavor, try replacing the jelly with sliced strawberries or slices of banana.  It’s delicious!

6.  Spicy Nuts

Round out your snack choices with something with a little kick. The night before your trip, turn a pan on to medium high heat, and put in some nutritionally beneficial nuts, like almonds, cashews peanuts and pistachios.  Choose an unsalted variety and add a little salt to your taste, rather than the generally over-salted version. Toss in a little chili powder, garlic powder and a pinch of cumin for a spicy snack that satisfies.

Snack smarter in the air with these safe bets, and you can skip the long lines at the fast food counter before the trip. Don’t forget to grab some water before take off, to stay hydrated and stave off your hunger.


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