6 Remedies for Sore Muscles

Sore muscles can be caused by a number of actions. If you’re feeling pain in a muscle, it’s best to stop the action that is causing the discomfort. Here are 6 remedies that can help ease the pain.

1. Hot Bath

Soaking a sore muscle is a great way to ease the pain. Take a hot bath and soak the area for about 30 minutes. This long soaking will help bring some relaxation to the inflamed area. Adding a cup of Epsom salts to the bath will help detoxify the body. It can help absorb the toxins that have accumulated in the muscle.

2. Heat Pads

Using a heating pad can help alleviate the pain in the muscle. It works the same way as the bath, and will bring some relief. Remember to cover the heating pad with a hand towel. Don’t place the heating pad directly on the skin, as it could burn. Keep the heat on the affected area for about 30 minutes.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen can help ease the discomfort. Using this type of medication will not make recovery faster, but it can help ease the pain. When pain is occurring, a person should typically not use that area of the body. By utilizing the medication, the muscle can still be used and not allow to sit and stiffen even worse.

4. Sports Creams

Using a topical sports cream on the affected muscle can be beneficial. Products such as Icy Hot or Ben Gay help the person feel the pain ease. The creams provide a deep penetrating heat that aides in massaging the area, as well as a cool feeling after that helps numb the pain. These creams are used by many athletes.

5. Muscle Relaxers

Muscle relaxers are a group of prescribed medications that sedate a part of the body. These medications basically will relax a tight area of muscles. Medications such as Flexeril should be used as prescribed by a physician. They can benefit you by increasing the range of motion while decreasing the pain, tenderness and swelling.  Be aware of side effects these drugs may cause. Only use the medications for the length of time prescribed, as some of these can be addictive.

6. Massage

Gently massaging the area of the inflammation can help relieve the buildup of toxins and decrease the soreness that is being felt. It helps relax the area. Knead the area gently for a few minutes. You should massage like you are kneading dough. One should notice a marked improvement after this.

Sore muscles are a fact of life. Sometimes a sore muscle will happen from lifting something incorrectly, overdoing the yard work or exercising. Heat helps through a good soak in the tub or heat pad, and so do anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxing medications. Trying sports creams and massage are a good way to minimize the pain. If the problem does not ease up, a visit to your physician may be in order.


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