6 Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays an important role in what makeup will look great on you. Below is a list of face shapes and a few tips to consider when applying makeup.

1. Heart Shaped Face: Focus on Your Eyes 

If you have a heart shaped face, the width of your face will be at the forehead and cheek area. Your chin will be the narrow point of your head. When applying makeup, the goal is to create an oval face shape. This can be achieved with pressed powder or liquid foundation. 

The main point of attraction for the heart-shaped face is the eyes. Let your eyes stand out to draw attention away from the chin area. Try using dark eyeliner to create a dramatic look around your eyes.

2. Oval Shaped Face: Accent Your Cheekbones

Use a lighter foundation for areas such as the lower part of your forehead, around your nose, and around the eyes. As a result, your cheekbones will be accentuated more.

3. Square Shaped Face: Create a Rounder Look

The goal of this face shape is to decrease the overall square, and to appear to have an oval face. Draw a mental picture of an oval shape on your face while looking in the mirror. Once you have that image, using a darker shade of foundation, apply in all of the areas outside of the oval. Use the lighter shade of foundation underneath the eyes and in the middle of the forehead.

4. Round Shaped Face: Appear Slimmer

If you have a round face, the goal is to try and make it appear slimmer. You can slim your face by contouring. Adding a darker shade of foundation or bronzer to the cheeks and side of your face will slim the round shape. Applying lighter foundation to the forehead will help lengthen your shape. Define your eyes by choosing darker shades such as deep browns and plums.

5. Long Shaped Face: Look wider

The goal of this face shape is to appear shorter and wider. This type of face shape is longer than it is wide, and makeup can be used to give it a more oval-like shape. Highlight areas like the chin and the forehead with a darker shade of foundation. Choose blush that is more neutral in color. When applying, use horizontal strokes instead of vertical sweeps.

6. Diamond Shaped Face: Slim Down Cheeks

With this particular face shape, the cheekbone is the widest area. Therefore, the goal of the diamond face shape is to make the cheek area appear less wide. When putting on makeup, try to bring attention to the chin and forehead area. Put a darker shade of foundation on the jaw line and the lighter under the eyes. As far as the lips go, use pale toned lipsticks to create a wider look. 


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