6 Lunch Ideas under 200 Calories

If you are on a serious calorie-restricted diet, finding good recipes for lunches under 200 calories may be difficult. To lessen the monotony, it is important to eat a wide range of foods so that your diet remains fresh and interesting and your chances for falling off of it are lessened. Here are some great lunch ideas with under 200 calories that make sticking to your diet easy to do:

1. Chicken Sandwich

Two pieces of low calorie wheat bread will add up to about 100 calories and add some white meat chicken, and you have an extremely low calorie sandwich that tastes great. Add a little calorie-free mustard to the sandwich to give it some flavor, and you have a winning combination. Adding cheese may set you over the 200 calorie mark, but some low fat varieties may work.

2. Chicken Breast

A skinless chicken breast is a great and easy lunch idea. A little salt and pepper cooked with it, or even your favorite low calorie marinade will work to create a simple, yet filling and nutritious lunch. Eaten either warmed or cold, a chicken breast is a versatile meal that tastes great.

3. Corn Chowder

When made using low fat milk and other healthy ingredients, corn chowder can help you save on calories while filling you up. Search online or in a low calorie recipe book for low calorie versions of this great soup, and you will look forward to lunch all day long.

4. Tuna Sandwich

When prepared without using mayonnaise, tuna fish is a very low calorie food. Make a sandwich using two low calorie wheat bread slices, add tuna fish, and any other zero calorie spread like mustard to dress it up a bit. To reduce calorie consumption even more, eat the tuna fish with a handful of low calorie crackers. Be sure to check serving sizes on crackers to ensure that you are not over-doing your calorie intake, as it can be easy to quickly do with crackers.

5. Veggie Burger

Either store bought veggie burgers or homemade, these can be extremely low in calories and taste great. There are plenty of recipes online for veggie burgers with as low as 40 calories, or you can purchase store bought ones with a slightly higher calorie count. Place the burger on a bun and add a no calorie spread or dressing, and you have a delicious sandwich.

6. Salmon Fillet

Half of a salmon fillet should fit within your calorie count and will taste incredible. Grilling or broil the salmon with a bit of salt and pepper for a great, lowfat and low calorie meal. Cook the fish on a broiler tray so that the fat cooks away from the fish and the fish gets a nice crisp exterior, making it healthier and taste even better.

Try any of these lunch ideas to stay within a 200 calorie lunch and begin seeing the benefits quickly. Cutting calories is a temporary way to lose weight, but sustained weight loss and maintenance generally requires changes to eating and exercise habits. Be sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, as well as regular exercise to really feel great and maintain your weight loss.  


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