6 High Carcinogen Foods to Avoid

Everybody, from children to adults to grandparents, love to eat different kinds of foods. Although there are foods that are tasty, delicious and nutritious, many people consume foods that contain carcinogens.

What Are Carcinogens?

Carcinogens are harmful substances that can cause cancer. When they accumulate inside the body, they can affect important cellular processes, thus resulting in certain mutations inside the cells and causing the development of cancer such as colon cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer.

Examples of common carcinogens people acquire from the environment are dioxins, asbestos, cigarette smoke and xenoestrogens, which came from pesticides, car pollutions, plastic food containers and fuels. One example of a naturally occuring carcinogen is aflatoxin, which is found in peanuts.

What Are the Foods that May Contain Carcinogens?

Not all foods contain carcinogens. Some foods, however, that people usually prepare during mealtimes are said to contain some amount of carcinogens. In order to avoid eating too much of the foods containing carcinogens, it is important to first know what they are. Remember also that moderation is still the rule. Excessive consumption of these carcinogenic foods is more likely to lead to accumulation of great amounts of carcinogens inside the body, thus increasing the risk of cancer formation.

1. Hotdogs

The preservatives in hotdogs contain nitrates, which can be converted to nitrosamines, which is a carcinogen. It is also very high in sodium and fats. During the cooking process, hotdogs are also exposed to high heat which can promote acrylamide formation.

2. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are made from white flour, and white flour contains potassium bromate, which is found to be carcinogenic. They are also very rich in sugar, which is not good for the body. Doughnuts also contain high amount of trans fats, which are also said to be carcinogenic

3. French Fries

Heating starchy foods at very high temperatures often lead to the release of acrylamide. French fries may have small amounts of acrylamide, but because they are eaten in large amounts, acrylamide can accumulate faster. Aside from this, french fries are also very high in calories, which could lead to many health problems like heart disease and diabetes in the long run.

4. Processed Meats

Processed meats are full of preservatives that contain high amounts of nitrates, which in turn can be converted to nitrosamines. When these processed foods are grilled or fried, they also release acrylamide, which is another carcinogen that can cause harm to the cellular processes inside the body.

5. White Flour Cookies

Cookies are found to contain potassium bromide, which is said to be carcinogenic. It is also said to contain alloxen that may be harmful to the cells in the pancreas.

6. Crackers

Crackers are made from white flour, have high sugar content and are rich in trans fats. Because they are baked at very high temperatures, crackers are also said to contain acrylamide, which is a carcinogen.


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