6 Healthiest Flat Breads of the World

Flat breads have been around for thousands of years. Many churches use a variety of different types of flat breads when holding Communion to represent the body of Christ. Flat breads are very easily made. They contain water, flour and salt in their most basic form. This mixture is then rolled flat and baked. Any unleavened bread, or one not containing yeast, is considered a flat bread.

1. Flatkaka

This is a type of flat bread that comes from Iceland. Made with rye, it’s very high in fiber and flavor.

2. Norwegian Flatbrød

This healthy flat bread is made with barley flour, salt and water.

3. Papadum

This flat bread comes from India and Sri Lanka and is made with salt, peanut oil and flour. The peanut oil adds flavor as well as protein to the bread.

4. Whole Wheat Flat Bread

You know that food products with whole wheat are healthy. The whole wheat kernel adds fiber and other nutrients to your diet and tastes great.

5. Buckwheat and Quinoa Flat Bread

This extremely healthy flat bread is made with one cup of buckwheat and one cup of quinoa. Bale these as directed and pour into a food processor. To this mixture is added a quarter teaspoon of sea salt and three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Add some garlic for a helping of heart healthiness and flavor. Add a teaspoon a tarragon for that slightly Caribbean flavor. Knead the mixture well (work those abs and arms!), roll it out flat, cut it to your desired size and bake it at 350 until golden brown. The buckwheat and quinoa add a large helping of protein for you.

6. Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Flat Bread

Whole wheat flour adds fiber and nutrients. Flax seeds provide protein, omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber. They are also known to help lower bad cholesterol levels. For the men, a Duke University study says that flaxseed may actually help fight prostate cancer by stunting the growth of tumors. There is also evidence that flax seed may also be beneficial to those with certain types of diabetes. Of those mentioned, this is the overall healthiest.

Optional Flat Bread Ingredients

What can be put into a flat bread dough is basically only limited by your imagination. Olive oil, curry seeds, pimentos, pepper seeds and cheeses are just a few of the extra ingredients that can be added to flat breads.

Make Your Own

You’ve gotten a few basic recipes, so you know what makes a basic flat bread. Now it’s time to experiment. Use some fresh pressed garlic. Add some red peppers for zing. Add some Italian blend seasonings. Maybe a hint of basil and bay leaf added to the water for a touch of flavor.

Pita bread and tortillas are great, but next time around, try something different to wrap that burrito with.


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