6 Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk contains more nutrients than other dairy milk alternatives like rice milk. The health benefits provided by this option even match dairy choices. Almond milk works as a great alternative for those with soy and lactose allergies.

Here are 6 benefits of almond milk:

Benefit #1: Weight Management

Plain almond milk without added sugars or flavoring contains 60 calories per each 8 oz serving size. This option works well for people looking to lose or maintain weight.

The low caloric content of almond milk causes less of an impact on our totally daily consumption of food calories. Some milk varieties contain more sugars than the cereal that they get combined with.

Benefit #2: Heart Health

Almond milk contains no cholesterol and only 5 mg of sodium per serving. Consuming foods low in sodium and cholesterol help us to maintain better heart health and normal blood pressure.

Without cholesterol, almond milk also decreases our chances of gaining bad cholesterol levels, all while increasing the good cholesterol levels. Almond milk also contains 150 mg of potassium in every serving. This mineral works to promote healthy blood pressure.

Benefit #3: Blood Sugar Friendly

Unlike other milk alternatives, the plain almond option contains only 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The 7 grams of sugars that make up the carbohydrate content have a limited affect on our blood sugar levels. When we consume simple sugars, our metabolic functions tend to miss the nutrients, storing much of the carbs as fat.

Instead, the low amount of sugars in almond milk have a low glycemic nature, meaning our bodies fully digest them and use them as energy. Diabetics benefit from this characteristic as well.

Benefit #4: Bone Health

Almond milk contains 30% of our recommended daily value of calcium and 25% of Vitamin D. These nutrients work together to build strong bones in men, women, children and infants.

Vitamin D also helps improve immunity and cell function. Some studies have shown that Vitamin D helps decrease osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s disease. The magnesium in found in almond milk helps absorb more of the calcium provided by the nutritious beverage.

Benefit #5: Skin Care

Every serving of pure almond milk contains 50% of our recommended daily value of Vitamin E. This powerful nutrient has antioxidant abilities in that it helps regulate Vitamin A use and availability.

More importantly, Vitamin E acts the primary regulatory nutrient that improves skin health.

Benefit #5: Eye Health

The moderate levels of Vitamin A found in almond milk helps keep our eyes functioning properly. Vitamin A directly influences the eye’s ability to adjust to differences in light.

Benefit #6: More Muscle Power

Even though almond milk only contains 1 gram of protein per serving, it does contain B Vitamins in the form of riboflavin, plus other muscle regulating nutrients like iron. Each serving of almond milk contains about 4% of our recommended daily intake of iron, which helps muscles absorb and use protein for energy, growth and repair.

Iron also regulates certain cell functions like oxygen absorption.


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  • kathy butrick

    love the taste and the guiltless pleasure of the low calorie benefit of almond milk!

  • im glad i tried almond milk i love it and its better than cows milk

    nothing is on my mind

  • christie johnson

    I bought It for my 2 yr to help her get more nutrients. I had no idea that almonds were natural lax. She has constipation problems so this works well. It worked so well I even drink it to stay regular. 🙂

  • James breuss

    What brand or type of almond milk are you describing in this? The only brands I have found have 90 cal per cup, 150mg of sodium!, and have 16 carbs and 16 sugars.
    I love almond milk and the nutrients in this one you have described sounds way better than mine please let me know some of the brands that have this nutritional value.

    Thanks, james

  • Melissa Edwards

    Great Taste,

    The healthiest combination for adults seeking weightloss or recovery after a workout is Almond Breeze Original and a tbs of Organic Flax Seed

    Try it for instant delightful tasting fibre !

  • James breuss

    Thanks Melissa, is there a lower sodium option that you know of? 180mg a cup is kind of high for me.

  • Wendy

    Google almond milk homemade and you can find lots of recipes for making your own if the unsweetened isn’t available in your stores. I’ve been drinks it for some time now but am in Mexico for three months and it was really hard to find. When I did find it, it was very expensive. Now that I’m making it, i won’t buy it again back home. You can control the sweetness, the fat, etc. when you make it yourself and it’s very easy.

  • Heather

    The almond milk I found and use that fits the description in this article is Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk. You have to buy the ORIGINAL, not the vanilla flavored etc. I found it in the health food section of a regular grocery store.

  • jcdfms

    I love the taste Almond milk, and when I drink cow milk it is very bland. Almond milk is a milk that I can drink when I have the flu and doesn’t make me vomit.