6 Group Fitness Classes to Try

When boredom strikes at the gym, group fitness classes are the way to go!  These popular classes generally come free with your gym membership, and are well-liked for the sense of camaraderie, social aspect, and feeling that you are working with a trainer while you are in class.

Group fitness is extremely popular with gym-goers in large part because they are not boring…all too often we spend our cardio time putting one foot in front of the other; the classes are something new! Your gym likely offers at least 10 different classes, that vary from dancing to lifting weights.

Below are a few fun classes to try:

1. Cardio Kickboxing

Most gyms have a cardio kickboxing class on their circuit, because this is a cardio kick-BUTT workout!  This particular class offers variety and options with each move that ensure a hard-core, total body workout for the novice exerciser, or an advanced athlete.  The class has focused sections that address upper body, then lower body and abs, while pumping you through a workout that can burn around 800 calories in the hour.

2. Cardio + Weights

Sometimes referred to as synergy training, this is a class that incorporates relatively light weights with a cardio scorching workout. The ideal class includes weight-free cardio with purposeful weight sections that that combine total body movement with strength training. Think squats with shoulder presses, or side lunges and bicep curls.  This all-in-one workout gets you out of the gym in an hour. Cardio and strength training…done and done!

3. Spinning

The killer of all workouts, spin offers motivating instruction to push you through terrains, hills and sprints. Tone your legs, sculpt your butt, and throw your sweat on the floor to pedal away several calories. Any beginner can start melting fat and building muscle.  How about starting tomorrow?

4. Boot Camp

This extremely popular calisthenic workout gets your heart rate jamming, and your muscles working.  Take your workout to the limit with this class that is suitable for any exerciser.  Get fit circuit training while you use body-weight exercises to train your way to a rockin’ body.  A few sessions of this class, and it’s like having your own personal trainer!

5. Zumba

Get your heart pumping and your bootie shaking with this Latin inspired workout. Zumba is a mix of different Latin beats and salsa-inspired moves.  Though it’s on the dancier side of group fitness classes, the choreography is not extremely difficult, so you’re guaranteed to get a great workout even, if you have two left feet.

6. Yoga

Get uber stretched in this mind-body workout that is one part zen, one part flexibility.  Unless the class is a more athletic variety, such as hot yoga, power yoga or vinyasa, it will likely not be the sweat session that most group fitness classes provide, however, it is the perfect way to round out your more heart-pumping gym days.  Yoga can improve athletic performance, speed rehabilitation and prevent injury.

These popular classes are no doubt on your gym’s schedule this week.  Plan to try just one, and you’ll quickly see what you’ve been missing!


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