6 Fruits to Avoid when Dieting

You know that you’re supposed to eat five (or more) servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and that fruit is a vital part of your diet. You also know that fruit is the ideal snack, or even dessert, to indulge in while dieting, as it’s not only delicious, but also full of essential vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruit is also packed with water, which means it can fill you up while delivering minimal calories. However, don’t trick yourself into thinking you can eat as much fruit as you want throughout the day. While fruit contains natural sugars, it is still sugar nonetheless, and can lead to weight gain if consumed in excess. Don’t assume that all fruits are kind to your waistline, because this is not the case. Here are six fruits to steer clear of if you’re trying to lose weight:

1. Bananas

While bananas are packed with potassium and other important vitamins, they are also loaded with calories. One banana alone delivers around 115 calories and an abundance of sugar. However, you shouldn’t have to completely eliminate bananas from your eating regimen, especially if you love them. Just be aware of their high caloric count, and consume this yellow fruit in moderation. Perhaps cut your banana in half or opt for a mini banana.

2. Coconut

If you thought you were doing your body a favor by eating coconut, think again! There’s a reason coconut tastes so good in cakes and cookies, and that’s because it should be viewed as a dessert. Coconut is full of calories and fat, and this fruit has no place in your diet.

3. Mangoes

This tropical fruit should only be enjoyed on vacation, and not be included in your daily diet. Mangoes might be packed with flavor, but they’re also full of sugar. In fact, they’re one of the sweetest fruits around, and when compared to other fruits, like raspberries, the sugar count is tripled. That’s not to say mangoes aren’t full of vitamins as well, just consume this fruit in moderation.   

4. Avocados

Yes, avocados are considered a fruit. You’ve probably heard that avocados are a healthy fat and that they deliver a wealth of nutrients. While this is true, avocados are still composed of fat, and therefore also deliver a wealth of calories. Don’t fall victim to over-consuming avocados, as they could cause you to gain instead of lose weight. However, don’t completely eliminate them from your diet, and enjoy a few slices on your sandwich or omelet.

5. Canned Fruit

While canned fruit might be convenient and seem like a good option, it is often doused in a sugary syrup. Canned fruit can harm instead of help your diet efforts, and it should be left on the shelf.

6. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit should also be avoided, or at least severely limited, while on a diet. Since this type of fruit is depleted of its water, it’s more calorically dense and will take more to fill you up. Also, many companies add additional sugar and chemicals to dried fruit, and it should be viewed as treat and not a snack.

When consuming fruit as part of a healthy diet, always opt for a fresh piece and be aware of the diet saboteurs.


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