6 Foods to Avoid with Gallstone Disease

People who suffer from gallstone disease know that eating the wrong foods can be a painful experience. If this is a problem that you suffer from and would like to know which foods you should avoid, this short guide will go through the worst foods you can eat when you have gallstone disease, and what you can substitute some of those foods for.

Milk Products

This includes milk, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, butter, whey, ice cream and any processed food which contains milk or any of the listed products. Milk contains lots of fats, and when fat hits your intestines, it causes the gallbladder to release bile into your intestines. When you have gallstone disease, gallstones can block the passageway this bile is released through, causing pain. You can substitute any of these products with nonfat versions.

Red Meats

Like milk products, red meats are high in fat content and can trigger a gallstone attack. It is better to replace red meats such as beef and pork with meats like chicken and fish. When eating chicken, make sure to remove the skin and fat.


Eggs are high in cholesterol, which is the primary cause of gallstone disease. Cholesterol forms crystals in the gallbladder which in turn may become gallstones. In addition, clinical research has shown that eggs can cause gallstone attacks in most patients after consumption, making eggs one of the major foods that should be avoided by patients with gallstone disease.

Refined Grains and Sugars

Research shows that the consumption of refined foods such as white sugar, white bread and flour, and white rice can lead to a higher volume of cholesterol in your bile than through a diet of unrefined foods, such as whole wheat bread and brown rice. It is recommended to avoid all refined foods if you suffer from gallstone disease. You can substitute these foods with unrefined versions.


While coffee does not cause gallstone disease, it does cause contractions in the gallbladder. When there is one or more gallstones in the gallbladder at the time of these contractions, it can cause a gallstone attack, making coffee a certainty to avoid if you have gallstone disease.


While it makes sense that you should avoid any food you are allergic to anyways, it is especially important to avoid allergens when you have gallstone disease. Allergens cause a reaction in the gallbladder that can cause pain in the presence of a gallstone. So you must avoid any food that causes you allergies, even if it is only a minor allergy.

In addition to foods listed above, here are a number of other foods that have been known to cause gallstone attacks for various reasons: onions, citrus fruits, beans (other than green beans), nuts and alcohol. If you have problems with gallstone disease and have questions about any other kinds of food to avoid, consult with your physician.


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