6 Foods to Avoid on the Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is based on the idea that humans are supposed to eat only one big meal a day, and this meal should be eaten at night. The diet’s creator believes human bodies still function in the Paleolithic era, when both hunters and gatherers were busy during the day without real opportunity to eat, and ate their only meal at night.

The creator of the Warrior Diet, Ori Hofmekler, believes that it is much healthier for humans to follow the pattern of intermittent eating – having an undereating phase which lasts for 16 to 18 hours after a big meal is digested, and an overeating phase when that big meal is consumed. There are no restrictions on the calorie intake at the evening meals. All exercising should be performed no less than 3 times a week during the undereating phase, and exercises should be rather strenuous.

Here are some foods you should avoid if you decide to follow the Warrior Diet:

1. Highly Processed Foods

Since the Warrior Diet supposedly mimics the way of eating of our ancient ancestors, it’s important to avoid all highly processed foods such as bologna, hot dogs, bacon, sausages and the like. You should also stay away from any canned food if any preservatives have been added.

2. Refined Flour and Sugar

The same principle lies in avoiding foods made of refined (white) flour and sugar. Those carbohydrates are known to have a drastic effect on the blood sugar levels and thus on the insulin production and activity. This group includes white bread, doughnuts, candy, canned fruit in sugar syrup, pizza and all kinds of spaghetti.

3. Chemically Altered Food

A lot of pesticides and other chemicals are involved in growing crops and raising animals. It is important to avoid those components if you follow the Warrior Diet. It means that you need to eat mostly organic foods.

4. Fast Food

For the obvious reasons, ingredients and methods of preparing of fast food don’t go very well with the Warrior Diet. There are too many preservatives used and frying in oil is not the preferred way of cooking while on the diet.

5. Soft Drinks (Regular and Diet)

Soft drinks are not allowed. Research shows that soft drinks, both regular and diet, have too many artificial ingredients and therefore are not supposed to be consumed by the followers of the Warrior Diet.

6. Alcohol

Though it is possible that ancient people stumbled upon fermented fruit now and then, alcohol was not known in general at that time. Alcoholic beverages are supposed to be excluded from the Warrior Diet.

Ori Hofmecler recommends cooking your own food because in this case you know exactly what goes in your body. The preferred method of cooking meats is boiling them in broth with herbs, spices and vegetables. Another important thing to know while on the Warrior Diet is that you can eat until you are full. How you know that you are full? Stop eating when you become thirsty – that usually means that you have had enough food.


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