6 Foods to Avoid on the Medifast Diet

The Medifast diet is touted as a great way to lose weight. It’s similar to the Atkin’s diet in some ways and it guarantees that your body will become a fat burning factory provided the diet is followed. It is also beneficial to those who want to keep glucose levels low, such as diabetics.

The main principle behind the Medifast diet is that when your body does not have excess energy in the form of carbohydrates, it looks for an alternative source of energy. Our bodies can use ketones as energy, which is derived from fat. When your body is in this fat burning mode it is said to be in a state of ketosis. It is believed that our leaner ancient ancestors were all in a constant state of ketosis because their diet consisted mainly of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates weren’t as abundant as they are now.

Part of the Medifast diet is to replace meals with nutritious shakes that help promote weight loss. The diet also calls for as many as six meals per day to offset your new energy cravings and boost your metabolism.

Some foods aren’t compatible with this diet and would produce adverse effects. With that in mind, here are a few foods to avoid while on the Medifast diet.

1. Bread

Breads are loaded with carbohydrates, which are limited between 80 and 100 grams on this diet. Consuming this will withdraw your body from its ketosis state. This means that instead of fat being burned it is being stored. Eating bread on this diet will set you back, so try to avoid it.

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are categorized as being starchy. Foods high in starch usually contain high amounts of carbohydrates. A medium potato contains 26 grams of carbohydrates which is more than 25 percent of your daily allowance. Even though potatoes are bountiful in vitamins and nutrients, it’s not recommended if you want to succeed on this diet.

3. Pizza

Pizza contains white flour and cheese, which are both prohibited on the weight loss phase of the Medifast diet. These two items combined with pizza sauce will be more than your maximum amount of carbohydrates allowed for the day.

4. Sugar

Consuming sugar is detrimental on any diet. One tbsp. of sugar contains 11.9 grams of carbohydrates and 46 calories. Ingestion of sugar while on this diet will thwart your body out of ketosis. Also, avoiding processed foods is advisable since they contain hidden sugars that your body can’t afford to consume on this diet.

5. Fruit

Fruit contains a high content of carbohydrates and will take your body out of its fat burning state if consumed. You will be allowed to reintroduce fruits into your diet during the transition and maintenance stage.

6. Cereal

Most breakfast cereals are loaded with carbs from wheat, corn and rice. Cereal contains an abundance of carbohydrates. Though cereal may seem perfect for breakfast, consider something more Medifast diet friendly, such as meat or eggs. As always, small allowances may be permitted, but if the goal is ketosis, stay away from excessive cereal consumption.



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