6 Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Reproductive System

To keep your reproductive system healthy, it is crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Any complications that arise within your reproductive system can lead to damaged reproductive organs, hormonal imbalances, infertility and pregnancy difficulties. If your health is compromised due to harmful lifestyle choices, your reproductive system will likewise suffer. Therefore, it is important to consume healthful foods and avoid making unhealthy decisions, especially if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future. In order to keep your reproductive system functioning at an optimal level, stay clear from the following foods:

1. Caffeine

While caffeine doesn’t need to be avoided altogether for a healthy reproductive system, consume caffeine in limited quantities if you’re trying to become pregnant. This stimulant can interfere with your fertility when ingested in large amounts. It can also raise your anxiety levels, which can further avert the conception process. Therefore, strive to limit your consumption of coffee, soda, caffeinated teas and chocolate.

2. Sugar

Sugar cannot only lead to obesity, which is not good for your reproductive system, but it can also disturb your body’s blood sugar and energy levels. To ensure the best reproductive health, stay away from the baked goods and junk food, and consume sugar in very small amounts. Also, try to limit your intake of artificial sweeteners.

3. Alcohol

Obviously, alcohol is not good for your overall health, and therefore your reproductive system also suffers from the consumption of alcohol. Since alcohol is a depressant, it can mess with your mood and worsen your PMS symptoms. Not only that, it can decrease your chances of becoming pregnant by up to 50%! You should also encourage your partner to limit his alcohol intake, as alcohol can decrease the quality and count of his sperm. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you should avoid alcohol altogether to increase your chances of conception, and to be safe in case conception has already happened. If you’re not trying to conceive, you should still limit your intake and not consume more than one alcoholic beverage a day. A glass of red wine is always a good choice due to the antioxidants it delivers.

4. Fast-Burning Carbs

Fast carbs, such as white rice, white bread and potatoes, can negatively affect your blood sugar levels and be one of the many culprits of infertility. On the contrary, your reproductive system loves slow-digesting carbs that are packed with fiber and whole grains, such as brown rice and dark bread.

5. Processed Foods

Your body doesn’t like processed foods and neither does your reproductive system. In fact, trans fat, which is present in a multitude of processed foods, can contribute to infertility. Therefore, stay away from the packaged, fatty foods, and focus on natural foods.

6. Pesticides

Environmental contaminants, such as xenoestrogens, can cause hormonal imbalances. To prevent these pesticides from harming your reproductive system, thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables before consumption. Also, be wary of drinking tap water. You should know where your water supply is coming from and if it contains any chemicals.



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