6 Foods that Have Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid, better known as Vitamin C, is water soluble, and our bodies do not store it. We must get the recommended amount needed daily from foods or supplements. Our bodies need ascorbic acid to maintain a healthy immune system. It is an important antioxidant needed to prevent certain diseases.

Here are 6 foods which contain ascorbic acid:

1. Oranges

There are a great many fruits and vegetables that contain amounts of ascorbic acid. The first one that most people think of immediately are oranges, or orange juice. While oranges are a good source of this vitamin, there are several other fruits that are equally good for the amount of ascorbic acid that they contain.

2. Fresh Jujube

Jujube contains the highest amount of ascorbic acid available in a commercial fruit. At about 69 milligrams each, no other fruit can supply you with this amount of ascorbic acid. One jujube fruit daily is all that is needed to maintain the proper amount of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid in your system.

3. Guava Fruit

Guava is known to have a very good amount of ascorbic acid. The tropical guava fruit, which differs from the everyday variety, contains an exceptionally high amount and is actually much better for you in terms of how much ascorbic acid you would get and benefit from. These fruits would be a little harder to come by, and would cost a bit more, but are well worth it.

4. Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi, both the green and yellow skinned varieties, is another excellent source of ascorbic acid. Both types are available commercially, but the green skinned is more common than the yellow.

5. Honey Dew Melons and Cantaloupe

These rank high on the amount of ascorbic acid they contain, also. You can get them at vegetable stands and supermarkets.

6. Raspberries, Red Currants and Strawberries

These are all wonderful fruits that not only taste good, but have high amounts of ascorbic acid. You only need to eat a handful of any of these to get the proper amount of Vitamin C needed.

Other Sources

Several other fruits make the list of foods that contain acceptable amounts of ascorbic acid. Plums, pineapples, tangerines and tangelos, along with watermelon and tomatoes, all contain enough ascorbic acid to satisfy the needs of our bodies. Although it might be a little difficult to eat a whole watermelon at one sitting, if this is the only fruit you are eating, you will have to take a supplement to get enough ascorbic acid.

If you find that your diet is lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables, you may have to take a daily supplement to get enough ascorbic acid. These are available in tablets, capsules or chewables and should be taken with a regular meal. The usual dosage would be from 250 to 500 milligrams, twice a day. People who smoke will have to take at least 35 milligrams more because nicotine decreases the effectiveness of the ascorbic acid. A 1000 milligram dose is all that an adult would need per day to satisfy the ascorbic requirements.


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