6 Foods that Contain Copper

Copper is a nutrient that is needed in trace amounts to maintain a healthy body. While copper is found in most foods, only a few foods are good sources of copper. Most people in the US do not get enough copper in their diet, and low levels of copper can lead to anemia, as copper is a necessary component in the uptake of iron. Copper deficiency can also lead to irregular melanin production, leading to sunburn, and poor dopamine production, leading to depression. It can also suppress your immune system. 

Try not to eat eggs or milk with foods containing copper as the proteins in those foods can block absorption of the mineral.  Also, try to cook foods as little as possible, using the minimum amount of water for boiling vegetables, to avoid leaching the copper into the water. Here are 6 foods that contain copper:


Beef liver is a rich source of copper as well as other nutrients. One hundred grams of liver will provide 80% of the RDA of copper. Chicken or turkey livers are also a good source of copper, as are other organ meats such as kidneys. Steaming the liver is the best way to cook it for a healthy meal.


Oysters are one of the best sources of copper and can provide up to 500% of the RDA per 100 grams. This does depend on the type of oyster, as some have up to 8 times more copper than others. Copper can also be found in clams, lobster, crab and calamari. A seafood stir fry with lots of vegetables is a good way to prepare a nutrient-rich meal.

Nuts and Seeds

Sesame seeds are high in copper and a great way of eating them is in tahini, or sesame seed butter. Cashews, hazel nuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts are also high in copper, as are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Eating small amounts of nuts or seeds as snacks is a great way to keep up your copper intake, or add them to a salad.


Copper is found in cocoa, providing around 95% of RDA per 50 grams. Thus, copper is also found in chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best source, as it not only has a higher concentration of copper, it also contains less milk.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes will provide around 40% of copper’s RDA per cup. These are great for using as a pizza topping or in a serving of antipasto. They can also be added to savory muffins or meatloaf.


Beans and lentils are good sources of copper. They can be included in your diet through soups and salads, as well as burritos.

Some other sources of copper include black pepper, mushrooms, dark leafy vegetables, barley and prunes. Consuming a wide variety of these foods in your diet will ensure that you get enough copper to keep you healthy and well nourished.


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  • Soprano

    You don’t have a sweet jesus clue what you are talking about here. Most people are actually TOXIC in copper not low in copper. Zinc deficiency is rampant. Most vegetables are high in copper naturally AND are sprayed with copper much of the time as well.

  • Rebecca

    RE: Soprano…You sound like a complete idiot. Use proper grammar.

  • Soprano

    I’ll give a shit when people get a fucking clue about nutrition. How about that? Is it a deal? πŸ˜› Most people are toxic in copper. Saying most people don’t get enough is a blatant lie. I just love it when someone tries to make an argument invalid based on typos or grammar. Doesn’t change what I am saying. Shows you can’t defend the bullshit in the article too πŸ˜‰ Good day. Oh, and go to hell ;o)

  • KidddChrisss

    I agree with Rebecca, it is hard to follow what you are saying due to how you word your sentences. People are toxic in copper? You mean people are copper-toxic? Wording is confusing.

  • Soprano

    I have seen plenty of people say it as such. Toxic in copper and copper-toxic mean the same thing. You obviously knew what I was saying. It’s the fucking internet. I’m not publishing a damn book. I really don’t give a damn on a website I only came across by accident. Shall we focus on the more important matter at hand? You know, the fact that these people are essentially telling people to eat more copper-rich foods and therefore adding to an epidemic? Or shall we nit pick GRAMMAR. Because that’s REAL important. Jesus Christ people.