6 Foods Not to Eat on a Low Carb Diet

Weight loss seems to be the No. 1 reason why people choose to go on low card diets. Low carb equals visible results extra fast. Indeed, by adopting a low carb diet you could drop up to seven pounds in a single week.

There are more than a few adaptations of a low carb diet, including Atkins, South Beach and the Zone Diet. But the important thing is to choose the right foods and find a balance that works for you. The principles of low carb dieting are that starchy and sweet foods should be avoided. The following are foods you should not eat when opting for a low carb meal plan.

1.   Fruits

Although fruit may seem like a healthy choice for any diet, the truth is that it is a definite deal breaker for low carb eating. Fruits, such as grapes, mango, bananas and pineapple, have a high glycemic index and a high sugar content. This means carbohydrates galore! If you can’t live without fruits, opt for ones that are low in sugar such as cranberries, lime and blackberries. 

2.   Starchy Vegetables

Vegetables, such as potatoes, corn, carrots, parsnips and beets, should be avoided at all costs. One cup of cubed potatoes contains 22g of carbohydrate while a cup of raw carrot contains 8g. With so many vegetables perfect for a low carb diet–sprouts, greens, radish and mushrooms to name a few–staying clear of the carb-laden alternatives need not be too much of a struggle.

3.   Grains

Grains and any food made with or containing them are high on the list of foods not to eat on a low carb diet. Bread, cake, pastries and anything made with flour such as pasta and even foods with breadcrumb or battered coating should be avoided. A good tip is to avoid foods containing wheat and wheat flour.

4.   Alcohol

Alcohol is a fuel and as such will always be the first thing to be burned off in the body rather than fat, thus slowing down the weight loss process. Choosing straight liquors such as vodka, scotch or gin in moderation is acceptable, as these beverages are sugar free.

5.   Sugar

The simple reason behind cutting out sugar in a low carb diet is that sugar turns to fat! And excess fat equals weight gain. Cutting out or cutting down drastically on foods such as honey, candy, chocolate, ice cream, soda and foods containing glucose, dextrose and corn syrup are a good way to radically decrease your sugar intake.

6.   Nuts

Although nuts are a fantastic source of protein and are often a nifty little snack, many of them have a high carbohydrate content. Chestnuts, cashews and pistachios contain the highest number of carbs with 24g, 6g and 5g per 2tbsp serving. Peanut butter is also pretty carb-packed.

By keeping these foods out of your low carb diet, you increase the changes that you will be able to successfully reach your goal weight in a timely manner.


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