6 Foods High in Fiber

Fiber is an essential element to maintaining a healthy body and mind. We need fiber in our diets to move food along our digestive tracts properly, taking with it impurities and free radicals that can be detrimental to our health.

Along with the usual suspects of green vegetables, there are many other types of foods that can help to boost your fiber intake in simple and tasty ways.

1. Artichokes

Yes, everyone should be aware by now that vegetables are good for you, and for many reasons.  As well as being chock full of vitamins and minerals, many veggies contain high amounts of fiber to boot. Although, some are surprisingly higher than others. Just 1 medium sized artichoke contains 10 grams of fiber, which is over twice the amount in turnips or broccoli.

2. Split Peas

With a higher fiber content than most other beans and legumes, split peas can contain a whopping 16 grams per cup when cooked. The beauty of split peas is that they can be added to other dishes as an ingredient, such as soups, stews and casseroles. They have a fairly neutral flavor as well, so are easy to integrate into your diet.

3. Raspberries

One of the more delicious fruits out there, and fairly easy to pick up in most grocery stores, raspberries can pack 8 grams of heart healthy fiber in a single cup.  They taste delicious and can be eaten raw, as well as being made into jams, conserves and sauces.  Although, the cooking process can destroy some of the nutrition of the fruit, so eating them raw is the best way to extract the most benefit from them.

4. Wholewheat Pasta

This is one of the easier ways to increase the fiber content of your diet.  Pasta is a comfort food for most of us, as it is filling, satisfying and versatile. By simply changing from your regular white pasta to wholewheat pasta, you can be gaining over 6 grams of fiber compared to the measly 2.6 contained in white pasta, per cup.

5. Baked Beans

A favorite with kids and adults alike all throughout the western world, a single cup of baked beans can contain over 10 grams of fiber – a third of the minimum recommended daily intake of 30 grams.  Pour the heated beans over a couple of slices of wholegrain toast and you have a lunch that will taste great and fill you up thanks to the high fiber content.

6. Apples

Yes, even the humble apple is a great store of fiber.  Not many people out there dislike apples – it’s more the motivation to pick one up and start eating it. They are tasty, filling and convenient, as you can easily throw a couple into your bag to munch on the way to work, or as a healthy snack mid-afternoon when a lot of people start to feel the ‘slump’ after lunch. As well as the fiber, apples are a great pick-me-up thanks to their natural sugars.

There are many simple, convenient and downright enjoyable ways to add some more fiber to your diet without having to compromise on taste.


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