6 Flattering Swimwear Ideas for Pear Shaped Women

Finding the right swimwear when you’re pear shaped may be a bit of a challenge. If the thought of shopping for a bathing suit throws you into a state of panic, don’t despair. No matter how unsuccessful your shopping trips have been in the past. These 7 ideas will arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the most flattering swimwear for your pear shaped figure.

1. Purchase Separates

Look for separates when shopping for a two-piece suit. This way you will be sure to get the perfect fit and the right styles to flatter your top and bottom halves. Don’t be afraid to go up a size or two on the bottom if you need it. Size is only a number and it’s better to be comfortable than to squeeze into an ill fitting swimsuit. Thankfully, many two-piece styles are now sold as separates, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a cute suit this way.

2. Pair a Light Top with a Dark Bottom

Try pairing a light colored or boldly printed top with a dark bottom. Light or bright colors will draw the eye up and enhance your top half, while the dark bottom will help to diminish the size of your bottom half. The overall look will help to bring your body into proportion.

3. Choose Wide straps

Look for suits with widely spaced thick straps. These suits will help to balance a pear shaped figure by visually widening the shoulder area. Think bra style tops. Wide strap halters work well, too. Avoid thin, string bikini tops.

4. Look for Embellished Tops

Embellishments such as ruffles or rhinestones, placed on the top half of your swimsuit, will help to balance out pear shaped proportions.  Padded tops are also a good choice for balancing a pear shaped figure.

5. Avoid This Common Pitfall

A common mistake made by a lot of pear shaped women is trying to hide their hips behind a lot of fabric. In some cases this strategy might work. A straight swim skirt can be flattering on pear shapes, but boy shorts tend to make the hips look wider. They’re best suited to boyish figures. Also, avoid bottoms with ruffles and side ties. These styles will also make your bottom half appear larger.

6. Elongate Your Legs

One-piece suits with semi-high cut leg openings will elongate the look of your legs. If the cut is too high or too straight, the swimwear will enhance size of your hips. A cut with a 45-degree angle is usually the most flattering and comfortable for most women.

Shop When Youre Feeling Good

Don’t try to shop for a swimsuit when you’re in a bad mood or stressed out. If you do, you’ll likely be too critical of how you look. If you shop when you’re feeling good about yourself, chances are you’ll come back with the perfect swimsuit.


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