6 Flattering Swimwear Ideas for Apple Shaped Women


Flattering swimwear can be challenging to find when you’re apple shaped. Apple shaped women are larger through the middle with less defined waists. They can be large or small busted but tend to have broad shoulders and backs. Their hips and bottoms tend to be small in proportion to their upper torso. Some swimwear styles seem to accentuate the tummy, which is the last thing apple shaped women need.  If you are having a hard time finding a swimsuit to flatter your apple shape, these 6 ideas will help you with your quest.

1.    Know Your Shape

Some swimsuit companies design suits specifically for certain body types. They will usually put a tag on the suit indicating what figure type the suit would flatter. Swimsuits designed for apple shaped women will often have built in tummy control. Much like shapewear worn under clothing, these specially constructed suits help to flatten the tummy and whittle the waist. These suites might cost a little bit more but the end result is often worth the higher price.

2.     Create an Illusion with Color

Look for suits with color blocking or seems that work to create a thinner middle. Dark colors on the sides of a suit will seem to slenderize the torso. Seems that curve in toward the middle will have much the same effect.

3.     Try a Tankini

Tankinis can be especially flattering on apple shaped women. They’re also great if you have a longer torso and have a hard time finding one-piece suites that are long enough. Look for tankinis with a midsection that drapes loosely over the body. This will help to camouflage the tummy area.

4.     Shop for Separates

It’s best to shop for separates if you want a two-piece suit. You will be better able to find a suit that fits and flatters your figure when you can mix and match the top and bottom. A great way to balance an apple shaped figure is to pair a dark colored top with a lighter bottom. Or you can try a solid top and a printed bottom. If you are large through the bust area, look for tops with underwire for added support. Retro looks with fuller bottoms can look great on apple shaped women. Look for ruffle details on the bottom of a suit to create balance by filling out your hips.

5.     Look for Rushing Details

A suit with rushing or shirring through the middle will help to conceal a fuller tummy or trim a thick waist. These types of gathers in a fabric can be very flattering. They help to avoid that lumpy, bumpy look that a less engineered suit might produce.

6.     Take Your Time

Finding a flattering suit takes time. Be prepared to try on several styles. Shopping early in the season will give you the most options. Even if this means that you’re paying full price for your swimsuit, the end result of finding the perfect suit is often worth it.



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