6 Fashionable Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing has become an important part of summer. The sun’s rays can cause a lot of damage to the skin, burning it, increasing the risk of skin cancer and aging the skin with wrinkles. However, with protective sunwear, which has been rated in a similar way to sunscreen, with a SPF or UPF factor, protecting yourself and your family from the sun’s rays has never been easier. Along with sunglasses and sunscreen, here are some of the best options for this summer.

Wear a Hat

Make sure your hat is rated for UPF30 or above, as loose weave hats or baseball caps can let in a lot more radiation than you might think. A wide brim hat is best and will provide cooling shade as well as UV protection. For children who are reluctant to keep a hat on, buying a shirt with a light, full hood can be a better option. Veils, to be worn loosely around the head and neck, framing the face have also become more popular recently.

Loose, Long Sleeves and Legs

Long sleeves and legs will ensure complete protection of the skin on your arms and legs, and using loose sizes and natural fabrics will help you stay cool. Ensure that the clothes have a high UPF factor or are a heavy weight of cotton, bamboo, linen or hemp. Layering lighter fabrics can help increase the protection they offer without increasing the heat. Sun protection clothing is often structured to allow a lot of air flow, which can also be cooling.

Bright and Dark Colors

White and pastel colors can allow a lot of radiation to penetrate, while darker colors and bright colors are more effective at absorbing the radiation before it can affect the skin. For example, green cotton may be over 30% more effective at blocking the sun’s rays than white cotton.

The Right Shoes

It can be difficult to find the right shoes for sun protection, as most summer styles provide minimal skin coverage. Trying to keep to sandals with woven tops or thick straps is good, although wearing mules is better. Feet are very vulnerable to sunburn and should be at least covered with sunscreen, even if you are wearing flip flops.

The Top Technology

Clothing has come a long way, and while sun protective clothing is often heavier than usual summer fabrics, it is also smart enough to keep you cool and dry. Check if the fabric has moisture wicking capability to move water away from your skin, and ventilated weaves to keep the air flowing next to it.

Your Own Clothes

There are laundry aids that can be added to the wash to enhance the UV protection of clothes, however, they only work with cotton clothes. They eventually wear off, so they need to be added periodically to ensure full protective powers.

Just a few pieces of sun protective clothing can supplement summer wardrobes to help protect you and your family from dangerous UV rays. Wearing the right clothes will help ensure you have a safe and healthy summer.


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