6 Fabric Patterns Plus Size Women Should Avoid

As a plus-size woman, dressing stylishly doesn’t have to be difficult, considering the huge variety of fabric patterns that are available. However, there are tips you should remember when you go shopping to make sure your choices don’t wind up making you a fashion disaster. You should avoid these fabric patterns while shopping in order to end up with the best wardrobe to enhance your figure and natural beauty.

1.   Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes do terrible things to any woman’s figure. Patterns direct where the eye looks, and horizontal stripes draw the eye side-to-side—this creates the appearance of excessive width and can make any part of the body look larger than it really is.

2.    Over-the-Top Floral Patterns

Fashion experts used to recommend that plus-size women wear clothes with large patterns to mask their trouble zones and keep the attention on the clothes instead of the body. Times have changed! A plus-size body is not something to cover up or be ashamed of. While large elaborate patterns may keep people from looking at your trouble areas, you don’t want them to be thinking instead about how your shirt looks like a tablecloth. Stick to classic, bold patterns.

3.   Small Patterns

If you’ve ever seen a petite woman wear a dress with a huge repeating pattern, you’ve probably noticed how it seems to swallow her up and make her disappear. Well, plus-size women have the opposite problem—tiny patterns can underwhelm the body and make it seem larger than it really is. Stick to patterns that match your body type and try to stay away from tiny, delicate patterns.

4.   Textured Fabrics and Patterns

Unless you want to create the appearance of a lumpy and strangely shaped body, stay away from textured fabrics and patterns! They are risky even on the most petite of women, but on plus-size women, they are definitely a no-go. The extra bumps and strange surfaces created by textured fabrics confuse the eye and make it perceive the body as lumpy and bumpy.

5.    Round Patterns

Round patterns—such as those with balls, flowers, balloons, or any other circular shapes—can accentuate the wrong areas of your body. Straight lines and bold cuts shape your plus-size body a lot better and give you the power to determine how your body looks in any outfit.

6.    Certain Mixed Pattern Combinations

While mixed patterns are not something you need to generally avoid, think about how they’ll make your body look. Patterns that change between the bust and stomach will make the separation very clear and may make your stomach stand out.

Shopping for plus-size clothing is easy when you follow these tips! Keep in mind which fabric patterns to avoid, and your next shopping trip will be fun, easy, and rewarding.


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