6 Exercises to Help Lose 15 Pounds

If you want to lose 15 pounds, there are certain exercises that can help. These physical activities have different ranges of intensity. This is good because losing 15 is a process.

Lifestyle Changes

There are several lifestyle aspects you should think about prior to beginning the process of losing 15 pounds. An overhaul of your diet is the first place, but remember for these exercises to work, you have to keep energizing your body so you can find the strength and stamina to perform them. So eating properly and well plays a big part in making these activities work.

It is also good to keep in mind what you are capable of, or what exercises are realistic for you. Make sure you fully understand where you are at physically. And finally, make sure you have the right exercise gear. Shoes, shorts, gear or whatever is needed for the exercise is essential. Have the right stuff before getting started.

Here are 6 exercises to help you lose 15 pounds:

1. Jogging/Running

Cardio is the first place to start. Getting the heart pumping and that sweat dripping works wonders pretty quickly. You want to start at a point that is comfortable, but you also need to remember that to lose weight means sometimes feeling a little worn out by exercise. Gauge how feel on each run or jog, and move up your time or intensity as you see appropriate.

2. Yoga

A good stretch of the muscles gets the calories burning more than you would think. To lose weight, all of the muscles must be working actively. Yoga is a great way to get the whole body active. It will also let you realize your potential because once you start out, you will have some difficulty. But, you will soon make steady progress.

3. Sports

Losing weight may seem like a daunting task, one that is tiresome. However, if you do something fun like play basketball or tennis, it can be enjoyable. Sports offer various type of cardio exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic. While having fun, you can burn some serious calories.

4. Get Outdoors

The outdoors offer enjoyable exercises and activities. Hiking and biking are two great ways to get out and enjoy the weather while working those muscles. A good hike or bike is a great way to mix up your routine. Every hill presents the possibility to lose a pound or two.

5. Swimming

This activity is not always the first choice, but a further look into it, and you will find that it is a great one. The pool presents a number of ways to get a calorie burn. You can lap swim, do swim aerobics or water resistant exercises. Immersing your body in the water means the whole body has an opportunity to get a workout. Get out your swimsuit, because the pool could be the place you lose the majority of those 15 pounds.

6. Walking

This activity is underrated. You are not going to lose the 15 in one day. It is a process and not every activity should be intense. Walking is something you can do everywhere. At work or at home…use the stairs. Walk after work to burn some stress. More walking means you are considering every way to burn weight.


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