6 Exercise Tips to Lose 5 Pounds a Week

To lose 5 pounds a week is no easy feat. It requires plenty of hard work, determination and sometimes discomfort. But the good news is that it is possible. With some willpower, gumption, motivation and help from family, friends and partners, losing 5 pounds a week can become a reality.

The following exercise tips can help you not only shed 5 pounds a week but can also help to tone and strengthen your body and increase your quality of life!

1.   Walk

Walking has always been an easy and effective way to shed unwelcome weight. Not only is it already part of everyday life, it is simple to increase the distance you walk and the number of calories you burn when you do. A leisurely 20 minute walk can burn up to 80 calories and a brisk walk for the same amount of time can burn a surprising 184 calories! By climbing the stairs at home or at work, walking over to talk to a colleague as opposed to using the phone or email, or walking instead of driving, you can increase the overall number of calories you burn in any one day. Try to increase the length and speed of your walks by choosing scenic routes and aiming to beat previous times.

2.   Interval Training

The most effective exercise for burning fat and calories is interval training. Engaging in only 10 minutes of interval training burns 160 calories and boosts your metabolism which in turn helps to burn more fat and more calories. Changing from low to high intensities will increase your heart rate, get your blood flowing and will result in making you work harder and push your body to new levels. The rewards are speedy and encouraging! Try walking for one minute before switching to jogging or running for two or three minutes at a time.

3.   Combine Strength and Cardio

It is important that along with the necessary cardio exercise you will do to drop the 5 pounds a week, you also add strength training to your regime. Strength training provides an excellent boost in metabolism, tones and tightens muscles and burns calories and fat. By combining both cardio and strength, the pounds will drop off faster and the results will be ever more evident.

4.   Pump up the Music

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise. A good way to combat this is by creating playlists of your favorite upbeat tunes and playing them while exercising. It seems like a very basic solution, but your favorite song can motivate you to move! Dancing is a fantastic and fun way to burn calories and music can even give you a second wind when it comes to other forms of exercise.

5.   Try Something New

Mix it up a little! Change your cardio activities daily so that your body doesn’t become accustomed to the type of training you’re doing. By incorporating different forms of exercise into your regime, you have less chance of reaching a plateau in your weight loss.

6.   Make it a Group Activity

Invite others to join you on your weight loss journey! Having companions means that you will never be short of support and motivation to get up, get moving and lose those 5 pounds a week!


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