6 Easy Workouts with a Door Anchor and a Strength Band

A door anchor allows you to firmly attach your strength band to any door so you can easily work your upper and lower body. This is great for toning all your muscles without the use of heavy weights or expensive exercise equipment. There are many easy workouts which you can do with a door anchor and a strength band. Doing 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 repeats several times per week will keep your muscles nicely toned.

1. Chest Fly

This exercise targets the chest area. Attach the door anchor and bands at about the same height as your waist. Then, stand with your back to the door with one foot slightly behind your body for extra stability. With both handles in your hands and stretched out at the side, bring your hands to the front until they are almost touching.

2. Hamstring Curl

The hamstring curl targets the back of your legs, and you can do both of them at the same time.

Anchor the strength bands towards the bottom of the door. Attach the ankle straps to your ankles, and lay down on your stomach. Raise your feet to a 90 degree angle to complete the curl. You may want to wear long socks to protect your ankles against the straps. To protect your knees from the floor, use a pillow or wear knee pads.

3. Behind the Back Curl

This is a great exercise which targets the back. With the bands anchored low, and with your back to the door, take a few steps to the front. Your palms are facing forward at your side and pulled back slightly; then, bring your palms up without moving your elbows.

4. Ab Exercise

With the bands anchored high on the door, kneel down close, facing the door. Hold the handles close to your forehead with the palms facing you. Crunch down until your elbows touch your knees.

5. Arm Exercise

Anchor your strength bands up high and kneel down facing the door. Keep your chest up, your head straight and your upper arms should be perpendicular to the floor. With your palms facing upward, push down and straighten your arms at your sides keeping your elbows stationary the whole time.

6. Lat Pull Down

This is another exercise which targets the back. Have your bands anchored up high and kneel down facing the door. Come down to an almost sitting position, but do not sit down on your heels as you want to keep the tension in your quads and core. With your arms reached out in front, and palms facing away from you, slightly bend forward and bring in your shoulder blades in as you bring the elbows down to your sides. 

There are over 140 different exercises which you can do with a door anchor and strength bands to keep all your muscles toned. On top of being able to do all these great exercises, the door anchor and stretch bands are fast and easy to set up. They are also compact for easy storage if you live in a small apartment and are great to take along on all your trips. 


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