6 Different Thermogenic Foods for Your Diet

Thermogenic foods are a good way to help you lose weight. In this day and age you are all too aware of the negative health issues associated with being overweight – obesity, tiredness, poor blood circulation, bad skin, fertility issues and many more side effects. Because of this, you have all started to look for ways to burn off the fatty foods that you all like to eat but still enjoy the ones you know you shouldn’t consume on a regular basis.

Because of your hectic lifestyles, You are all searching for an easier way to lose weight without doing too much to disrupt our everyday lives. One method people have been incorporating into their lifestyles is thermogenic foods.

Thermogenic foods helps to lose weight by simply ‘burning the fat’ within our bodies. By eating certain types of food, they are able to stimulate the body’s metabolism and effectively ‘burn’ the fat away as well as improving/increasing your energy levels. In addition to this, thermogenic foods are also believed to suppress the appetite.

1. Salsa

Hot hot hot. Salsa has been scientifically proven to stimulate the metabolism up to a staggering 20%. This means that this popular condiment will get your metabolism going an extra 20%; the results are that you gain 20% more energy and it will help burn off that fat for you at the same time. Salsa is great because you can add it to potatoes, meat and vegetables.

2. Chilli Sauce and Mustard

British researchers have discovered that less than a teaspoon of chilli sauce or mustard when added to a meal will kick start your metabolism rate up to a whopping 25%, burning up to an additional 45 calories within three hours following the meal. Hot sauces like Tabasco will burn up to 76 calories as well. So spice up your meals with a little bit of these sauces to burn off those pounds.

3. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are a great thermogenic food. A Doctor Henry from Oxford University in the United Kingdom discovered that if you add three grams of hot peppers to a meal containing 766 calories, the hot peppers will burn off the fat intake from the meal and kick your metabolism to provide you with that much needed energy. However, be careful that you don’t burn off your tastebuds!

4. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has been a popular ingredient added to diets (such as the Beyonce diet) due to its fat burning properties. You can add it to many different sauces, soups and stews and will not only get your metabolism rate up and running to give you an energy boost, but it will clean your arteries out at the same time.

5. Cabbage

This lovely smelling vegetable is a fresh relief for those who cannot take the spiciness of cayenne pepper or salsa. Both green and red cabbage should be eaten raw or steamed and will help to burn off the fat within your body.

6. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a good thermogenic food since it helps to burn and dissolve the fat in your body and serves to suppress the appetite but provide you with a constant source of energy for a period of time.


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