6 Diet-Friendly Ways to Give In to Sugar Cravings

Sometimes in your diet, you will feel the need to have a little and give in a little to sugar cravings. This attack of the munchies can happen at the least expected time. Sometimes it’s your body’s way of telling you that you lack certain nutrients. Other times, it’s simply hard to resist that sinful candy bar or decadent chocolate cake. To help you curb your cravings by giving in a little, here are several ways to do it without compromising your diet.

1. Pack in Protein

Protein-rich foods will help you curb your sugar cravings, and at the same time not make you feel deprived. There are high-protein foods out there that have been proven effective against sugar cravings. Go for some boiled egg, snack on some tuna salad, munch on beef jerky, or whip up a protein shake. The latter will even be able to give you a burst of that sugary sweetness that you crave.  

2. Go for Low GI

The low Glycemic Index diet gives you an idea which foods your body digests longer. Consuming more of low GI foods will make you feel full longer, and help curb your craving for sweets. These types of foods are often made up of complex carbohydrates, and have no added sugars in them. So, be sure you get your daily dose of vegetables, legumes, whole wheat foods and lean meats.

3. Go Fruity

Another way to give into your sugar craving minus the guilt is to go for fresh fruits. This is a healthier alternative to give your body the taste it wants, and still go easy on your diet. It’s healthier, it’s more natural, and it’s also delightful. If you want something for on the go, opt for some dried fruits like dried apricots or raisins.

4. Enjoy Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also advisable for giving you that dose of sugar you want, and still hold off on the calories. Just break off a tiny piece of dark chocolate and eat it slowly. This is a much better alternative than candy bars or milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains less fatty ingredients and is a much healthier choice.

5. Eat Yogurt

Yogurt helps in satisfying your sweet tooth the healthy way. It contains a good dose of calcium, and the effects will certainly not show on your hips. You can mix up a small cup of yogurt with some sweet fruits for that added burst of sweetness.

6. Pop in a Popsicle

Frozen fruit juices or sorbets are great choices for giving into your sweet tooth, and still remaining faithful to your diet. These refreshing desserts and snacks are low in calories, yet high in sugary goodness. Opt for frozen fresh fruit juice for a truly healthy snack, and avoid adding in more sugar.


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