6 Cardio Moves to Get Your Summer Body Fast

Every year winter comes, and leaves its deposits around your yard, and your body. By mid-spring, the panic ensues as you realize that the summer clothes will need to be pulled out of their hiding places soon, and there is no way they are going to fit. Once again, it’s time to push your cardio to its limit. 

Here is a list of 6 cardio moves that will help you get your summer body fast:

1. Spinning

Get out your bike shoes and stretch those legs, because spinning is a high intensity cardio workout that will burn the calories fast!  Spinning is a challenging group exercise class on a stationary bike, usually set to some fast paced music. During the session, the instructor will take you on a simulated bike ride through hills, mountains, and races. Because you are using your legs the entire time, and your legs are your biggest muscles, you will burn more calories through spinning than many other forms of cardio. Many spin classes add interval training to the agenda, building you up to climb hills and mountains, then bringing you down to a pace track.

2. Jumping Rope

The exercise you did for fun back in grade school is still considered one of the best endurance workouts.  The only equipment necessary is a jump rope, and in about 20 minutes, you will have burned fat, improved coordination, and enhanced cardiovascular performance.

3. Sprinting

A great way to burn calories fast, and boost your metabolism to continue to burn fat, is through sprinting. This is another exercise that can be done anywhere, and does not require any special equipment. Sprinting is simply running very fast for a short period of time, then slowing down, then building back to a fast run again. These changes in pace are the same basis that interval training follows, working your body with a combination of both high and low intensity changes mixed into one workout.

4. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is an oldie but a goodie. In just 30 minutes, you can burn about 400 calories with step aerobics. Plus, as an added benefit, you will tone your legs, glutes, and slim your hips. Most fitness centers offer a variety of step classes to fit most any schedule. Step aerobics also requires a steady core, so you will tighten those abs and increase coordination at the same time.

5. Swimming

Swimming can be a great way to burn calories.  Swimming requires use of your entire body, therefore using more energy and burning more calories.  In about 30 minutes of doing the breast stroke, you can burn up to 400 calories.  Swimming is a great choice for cross-training because it is easy on your joints. 

6. Running

Running is perhaps the simplist cardio move of all. The only requirement is a pair of comfortable running shoes, and it can be done inside or out. Treadmills allow runners to vary workouts in ways that can’t be duplicated outdoors. Varying the pace, and the incline on the treadmill, can give the runner a higher impact workout, and allow for interval training to be incorporated into it. Running outside gives the runner the opportunity to get some fresh air, while enjoying the changing scenery. Whether you choose inside or outside, you can burn an average of 300 calories in about 30 minutes.


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