6 Best Plus Size Shorts for Working Out at the Gym

It is important to wear the right plus size shorts when exercising for a great workout experience. There are many choices out there, but don’t fret. Look for the following traits when choosing plus size shorts:

1. Comfortable Shorts

Gym shorts should not ride up or be too tight. The waistband should be wide and elastic enough to keep your shorts up and support your changes in size as you slim down. It should not pinch your waist.

Choose a pair of shorts that are stretchy and allow for easy motion. When you try them on, make sure they fit you comfortably. Test it by touching your toes, sitting down, walking and other movements you plan to do at the gym. If you’re into yoga, try the lotus position. You may feel silly doing them in the fitting room, but remember that comfort should be your first priority.

2. Quick-Drying

Shorts that dry rapidly are a plus when you plan to go to the gym often and do not want to buy many pairs. Since they’re easy to wash and dry, you can focus on going to the gym as often as you like without worrying about what to wear. You can be in a rush from a shower or catch a light drizzle on the way to the gym, yet arrive fresh and ready.

3. Sweat-Wicking

Gym shorts with fabric that absorbs sweat quickly are vital when your gym routine involves a lot of cardiovascular exercises. Cardio warm-up exercises like step aerobics or brisk walking on the treadmill make you sweat heavily, so an absorbent pair of shorts helps keep you going without the discomfort of wet clothes.

4. Anti-Microbial

While sweat-wicking clothes keep odor at bay, minimize the risk of body odor even further by choosing shorts that are anti-microbial. Advances in technology have provided us with synthetic fabrics that fend off and kill germs, which is quite useful as bacteria in sweat cause body odor.

5. Secure Pockets

Pockets on shorts are convenient for stashing small items like your cellphone, music player or mints. Pockets should be deep, zipped or fastened so that when you move around, the items don’t fly out and break or hit a bystander. Remember not to put noisy items like keys and loose change in your pockets, as they disrupt your neighbors and will distract you.

6. Lining

Chafing is a concern when exercising. You may opt for a pair that has a mesh and soft lining. Also, you can wear fitting shorts that give light compression underneath a loose pair of shorts. Just be sure to wear lightweight shorts when you layer up.

The pair of plus size shorts you choose do not have to have all the characteristics listed above, as long as they suit your needs. In addition, you can opt for a dark-colored and knee length pair that’s flattering on you. The goal here is for you to have confidence exercising in public and not be self-conscious. So grab that special pair of shorts and work it, sister!


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