6 Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

For those looking for a better way to boost up their exercise routine, plyometric excercises may be the perfect thing. Plyometrics is also knows as plyos, and is a specific type of exercise that is used as a training routine. It consists of fast, powerful movements. This improves the way the nervous system works and is usually used to improve your performance in sports, although it can be used in a healthy exercise regimen also.

This type of exercise involves loading the muscles and then contracting them in rapid sequences. It uses strength, innervation and elasticity of the muscles and the tissues that surround them in order to jump higher, run faster, hit harder and throw farther, among other performance benefits. Which goal is reached depends on the way you work out and which goal you set. These goals are reached by raising the speed or force of the contractions of your muscles, which leads to explosiveness for a large array of sports activities. Some of the most popular sports that use plyometrics in their training routines are rugby, soccer, track and field, racket sports, basketball and martial arts.
There are many benefits that can be gained through plyometric exercises, including:

1. Better Performance

For those who enjoy sports like track and field, plyometric exercise can greatly benefit running speed. If running isn’t your game, perhaps you would like to punch harder or throw farther. Plyometric exercise helps you achieve any athletic goal.

2. Developing Muscle Power

Plyometric exercise gives your legs and muscles an intense exercise which guarantees an increase in muscle potential.

3. Enhancing Your Ability to Burn Calories

An increased muscular endurance and ability to burn calories would come to great use for someone hoping to build a weight loss routine.

4. Increasing Your Muscular Endurance

If you are an athlete and you have a big competition coming up, plyometric exercising will help intensify your energy and increase your stamina just in time for the main event. Since plyometric exercising builds up an explosive amount of intense energy, it could be just the thing for an athlete to have in their training routine.

5. No Extreme Exercising Equipment is Needed

Exercise equipment can be expensive, and plyometric exercising doesn’t require any. Anything that is needed could be easily found lying around the house.

6. Easily Calibrated to Suit Anyone’s Needs

Plyometric exercising can be as simple as jumping on a trampoline several times a day or even using your old jump rope from back in the day. For someone looking for a little more intense workout, perhaps jumping back and forth from a lower platform to a higher platform would suit their needs. There are many ways to increase the intensity of the exercise by simply increasing the distance or height of each jump. Plyometric exercising is simply utilizing the muscular energy that it takes to jump to your own exercising advantage.


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