5 Workout Tips for Women who Work Night Shifts

Almost anybody attempting to battle the bulge can use some strong workout tips. When it comes to losing weight over the night shift, you need some extra help in overcoming the challenges that may be thrown your way. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your choices, and you can help shape your body into its optimal fitness level. See how many of these workout tips you can apply to your own life.

1. Before and After

Try to get in a quick workout either before your night shift or right after it’s over. If you are always drained after work, with little energy left for yourself, you’ll want to schedule the workout before your shift. If you come home full of energy, work out in the mornings.

2. Make Time for Yourself

Make working out a part of your schedule as steadily as the job itself. If you have people at home who demand your time when you walk in the door, work out before you even go home. Simply bring a gym bag to work, then change in the restroom or dressing room of your work place. Where there’s a will to work out, there’s a way.

3. Be Flexible and Consistent

If you can’t add any extra time to get away to work out, ask your family to work out with you. If you have older children, jog with them. Go on walks with younger children. Get moving. While you sometimes have to be flexible with the working out that you do, keep it consistent. Don’t skip working out for the day simply because conditions are not ideal. Instead, adjust and adapt the situation to fit your fitness needs. If you can’t leave the house, try stair stepping or a workout DVD.

4. The Buddy System

Having a fitness pal can help keep you motivated. Try to see if someone at your workplace is interested in walking this road with you. When it comes to working out at night or in the early morning hours, you should have someone with you for safety reasons. For your own personal motivation, this can work wonders. Simply having someone to answer to aside from yourself can make you second guess giving in to that desire to skip working out for a week. Workouts are that much more fun when you can chat and laugh through it.

5. Tricks on the Night Shift

There are temptations galore on the night shift. Diners serving mostly fat-laden foods are sometimes the only places to eat that are open 24 hours, aside from fast food restaurants. Instead of going out to “lunch” at night at those places, use your lunch hour to eat a healthy meal that you pack yourself, then try doing some exercises in the break room at work. Simply walk in place, stretch, do sit-ups, or do whatever you feel will energize you and get you motivated for your later workout.


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