5 Women In Fitness: Workout Like A Pro

The women of fitness have taken on many different looks over the last thirty years and so have their fitness workouts. Demands from fitness competitions like Ms. Fitness, Fitness America, and Ms. Olympia require pros to have a certain look. These professionals appear in magazines and write books that we buy (that end up on our coffee tables which inevitable influences how we compare ourselves to them).  The same thing happens with the fashion industry, where runway fashion makes it to our local department stores after going through a water-down transformation. Although in fitness, it does not get water-downed.

Woman #1:  Cory Everson and Strength Training

Cory Everson won the Ms. Olympia title for six years in a row from 1984 to 1989. Over the years, her physique has changed from very bulky to muscular to the lean sculpted look. What has not changed is her commitment to strength training. Whether she is building bulk or lean muscle, she is successful because she is consistent. She regularly trains her whole body with fitness equipment, free weights, and cardio.  She is a good model to look to for a muscular build. She has written books on strength training, fitness, and diet. One of her best selling books is “Fat-Free and Fit: Cory Everson.”

Woman #2:  Monica Brant and Healthy Living

Another fitness icon is Monica Brant. She has influenced many women in the fitness industry over the years. She still competes in Ms. Olympia, and appears regularly in Oxygen Magazines and other women’s fitness magazines. She incorporates a variety of strength training routines to maintain her year round toned look. Monica shares a lot of advice with readers during interviews and has an exemplary attitude.  She is an avid horse lover, and contributes her longevity in the business to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Woman #3:  Denise Austin and Total Fitness

Denise Austin is a fitness television host as well as an author, columnist, and fitness instructor. She has been appearing on fitness shows for two decades. Denise started out as a gymnast in college and has continued pushing fitness and diet programs to level levels. She has produced many toning and cardio workout videos and designed fitness equipment and diet plan books.      

Woman #4:  Tosca Reno and Eating Clean

“The Eat-Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno is influencing fitness models and competitors across the country. This popular book stresses eating clean (eating lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables) along with your fitness routines to get maximum results. Tosca Reno is wife of Robert Kennedy, who publishes Oxygen Magazine, one of the leading women’s fitness magazines.  While the book has gotten a lot of exposure from the magazine, its popularity grew because it has proved itself worthy. Recently Tosca Rena has expanded her library to include exercise, fitness, and diet plans for children.

Woman #5:  Daisy Fuentes and Exer-games

The latest fitness craze to hit the market is Nintendo Wii’s exercise game, Daisy Fuentes Pilates, who was trained by Winsor Pilates. If this pilot program for the home is a hit, look for Nintendo to enhance the game with better graphics and expand their exer-games selection.

The common denominator among all these women is their commitment to a sensible diet and regular exercise. Another common thread that you will find among them is attitude. They define success by their ability to overcome obstacles. If they can do it, so can you!


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