5 Wheat-Free Desserts

Everybody loves great desserts, but abiding by a wheat-free diet can make enjoying your normal desserts difficult. Fortunately, due to rising cases of Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivities, there are more and more options for delicious wheat-free desserts. From chocolate chip cookies to fruit-based creamy treats, you can have your wheat-free diet and eat delicious desserts, too!

1. Wheat-Free Chocolate Cake

A true classic in the dessert realm, a decadent slice of thick and creamy chocolate cake once haunted those following wheat-free diets. Luckily, there are alternatives that are nearly identical to that traditional cake you love. If you are a baking whiz, you can bake this cake from scratch, but since making a wheat-free cake means using a number of special ingredients, it is sometimes easier to purchase the pre-packaged mix. With this mix, you simply add a few basic ingredients, blend and bake. You can find these mixes in most natural foods and whole foods stores. A couple common brands are making wheat-free chocolate cake mixes, too.

2. Bananas Foster

Want more sweet and gooey goodness in your life? Bananas Foster is a fantastically tasty dessert that is also wheat-free. It may not be the most nutritious banana you’ve ever had, but it is certainly worthy of your affection. What’s more, Bananas Foster is a very simple dessert to make, basically consisting of bananas, brown sugar, cinnamon and liqueur. So deliciously easy and totally wheat-free, it is definitely a dessert you can have again and again.

3. Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pudding is a creamy and delicious dessert that will satisfy your taste buds while keeping your special diet in check. Making tapioca pudding from scratch is a great way to enjoy this dessert warm and fresh, but some people do enjoy it cold.

4. Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes, the simplest desserts are the most perfect ones. Frozen yogurt provides you with that sweet-tooth-quenching, wheat-free dessert that goes great with nearly any meal.

5. Ice Cream

What better dessert to top of a great dinner than a classic and versatile treat: ice cream. Ice cream is a great dessert for many different wheat-free occasions because you can use it in a number of different ways for a variety of events. Capping off a night at home with your family? A small bowl of ice cream always pleases. Having a dinner party? End the evening with a fancy display of ice cream dishes. Simply drizzle some of your finer plates with some chocolate or caramel sauce, scoop a generous amount of ice cream onto the center of the plate, and top it with a few slices of fruit.

Don’t let your wheat-free diet curb your love of tasty desserts. There are plenty of different kinds of desserts you can enjoy that are totally wheat-free and easy to make. Many of these desserts are available at your local grocery stores or at specialty food stores. They are inexpensive and often come with most of the ingredients pre-packaged. Check out your local stores for these wheat-free desserts.


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