5 Ways Wine Antioxidants Can Increase Your Lifespan

Here is the great news for those who love wine: not only this drink tastes good, it also contains antioxidants. Researchers have discovered that grapes, and consequently grape juice and wine, contain a number of anti-ageing antioxidants.

The substance which deserve special attention are resveratrol and polyphenol. Besides other foods, these healthy substances are contained in grapes, and are mostly concentrated in grape skins. However, concentration of these antioxidants is considerably higher in red rather than white wine, since during the fermentation process of red wine, the skins are included as well.

Here is how antioxidants work towards contributing to better health and an increased lifespan.

1. Healthy Skin

Anti-ageing effect of antioxidants is explained by the fact that these substances increase the lifespan of body cells. As a consequence, moderate wine consumption allows you to slow down the skin damage, such as wrinkles, as well as increase the firmness of your skin.

2. Prevention of Heart Disease

Cardiovascular system also benefits from wine consumption. This happens because antioxidants, which are contained in grapes, benefit to the work of blood vessels. Thanks to this, the healthy substances can help to reduce the risks of stroke and heart attack.

3. Cancer Prevention

Another way that antioxidants benefit one’s lifespan is through their antibacterial character and an ability to fight tissue injury. These compounds are proven to be able to prevent oncological diseases. It has also been found that antioxidants can prevent cancer cell growth. This happens because the diseased cells get destroyed by antioxidants that rich to the cell core energy source and slow down its function.

In addition, oncology treatment such as chemo-therapy, is also said to be alleviated when a patient’s diet includes wine (as well as grapes or grape juice).

There are both supporters and opponents of wine influence on cancer treatment. The research is still ongoing and the future promises new research results. However, the scientists agree that resveratrol and polyphenol might soon be used as a part of cancer treatment.

4. Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes patients have undergone the tests of resveratrol treatment and the results were very positive. The levels of insulin and glucose were proven to decrease, even without additional medicine intake.

5. Prevention of Degenerative Disorders

Last, but not least, the polyphenol influence on brain health was proven to be considerable. This substance improves brain function by protecting the brain cells. The researchers suggest that such degenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be prevented or at least slowed down with the intake of mentioned antioxidants.

Of course, drinking alcohol should always be done in moderation, not exceeding one glass a day. Enjoy your one glass of wine, and the health benefits that come along with it!


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