5 Ways to Use Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has been hailed as the new olive oil because of its light color and similar nutritional value. Avocado oil contains the same amount of unsaturated and saturated fats as olive oil, and therefore is a healthy alternative to animal fats or other forms of vegetable oil. The oil is obtained from the pressing of the flesh of an avocado fruit, obtaining the oil in various purities, and can be used in cooking as well as for massage and beauty purposes. Here are 5 ways to use avocado oil.

1. Seafood

Avocado oil has a subtle and sweet flavor, and therefore in terms in cooking, it goes very well with seafood, particularly those with white flesh. Scallops and white fish are preferred when using avocado oil to cook, and simply drizzling the oil in a hot pan and searing the seafood with a sprinkling of sea salt is sufficient to bring out the flavors of both the seafood and the oil.

2. Meats

The same rule of thumb used in seafood also generally applies to meat – white goes better with avocado oil. Therefore, meat like chicken is preferred over stronger tasting meats such as lamb. The only exception would be a high quality steak, where the delicate flavors of the meat will not mask the natural sweetness of the oil, and the flavor of the oil will bring out the intensity of the taste in the meat.

3. Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables over the barbecue will benefit with the use of a little avocado oil. It will not only prevent the items from sticking to the pan, but it will also complement the sweetness of caramelized vegetables that come as a result of charring. Brush the oil lightly over peppers, zucchini or tomatoes before placing them under the heat of the grill, and brush the oil over the items again after cooking and before serving.

4. Salads

Avocado oil works the best with salads and raw vegetables. The oil is light, preventing the greasiness that may weigh down the taste of the vegetable salad. Another plus point of avocado oil is its adeptness in absorbing the flavors that it interacts with – hence the presence of various herb infused avocado oils on the market. Dress a simple arugula salad with basil infused oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar for a refreshing and easy lunch.

5. Cheeses

The flavor of olive oil is often a companion to a cheese or antipasti platter. Avocado oil can also be used in the same way as well. As with olive oil, avocado oil works best with soft cheeses that have a creamier texture and more subtle flavors. The use of the oil brings out the taste of the milk that the cheese is composed of, and therefore the best in the cheese.


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