5 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Going to the grocery store can be a very scary experience. With the price of food continuing to rise, the bill at checkout is not something we all like to see. Even though food can be expensive, there are a few tips and tricks to cut down the bill.

1. Coupons

Coupons can be huge money savers. There are many different places where coupons can be acquired. The newspaper is the most common place to find them. Typically, the Sunday paper will come loaded with coupons for you to use. These take a few minutes to cut out and organize but they’re well worth it at the store. The Internet is also a great resource for coupons. There are many websites dedicated to getting you coupons. Most will require you to sign up but once you do that, you are able to chose and print whatever coupons you like. The grocery store is another place to look for them. Spaced throughout the store are coupons that can be used that day. 

2. Store Loyalty Card

Some grocery stores have a customer loyalty program. When you sign up at the store, you are given a card that is scanned at checkout. This card will get you discounts on certain food items. You may also receive coupons and flyers in the mail letting you know about upcoming sales. Some stores keep track of how much money you spend there and then they give you rewards for doing so. Some of the rewards include gift certificates or gas discounts.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you money. This is especially true when there is a sale going on. When buying in bulk, be sure you are buying items that you will be able to use before the expiration date. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies and items that are easily frozen are great to stock up on. The meat department is a great place to find items to buy in bulk. As the expiration date nears for meat products, these are discounted to sell quickly. Meat can be frozen for later use.

4. Buy Generic

Buying the store brand or a generic brand versus the name brand is a money saver. These products are cheaper and are comparable in how they are made and how they taste. Some items may be hit or miss but overall, the taste and the quality will be generally the same. The additional cost in name brand products versus generic products is in packaging and not quality or taste.

5. Make a List

Making a list is a great way to cut down on unnecessary costs at the grocery store. When making your list, be sure to go through your refrigerator, the freezer and the pantry to make sure you’re not buying something you already have on hand. When using your list at the grocery store, be sure to stick to it. By doing so, you’re eliminating extra costs and also reducing the amount of unused products in your pantry.


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