5 Ways To Excite Your Circuit Training Routine

A circuit training routine is extremely effective in burning fat and increasing your endurance. Circuit training is a combination of high intensity cardio and strength training exercises, marked by very short or no intervals between exercises. If you have been following a consistent circuit training routine for awhile and want to spice it up, then you can it more exciting in the following ways:

1. Introduce Variation in Your Circuit Training Routine

Introduce variation in the exercises that form your circuit training routine. For example, if one circuit comprises of squats for your lower body, overhead press for your upper body, elliptical for cardio, and crunches for abs, then diversify your circuit the next day by doing walking lunges for your lower body, bicep curls for upper body, jogging on the treadmill for cardio, and plank for abs. The more variation you introduce in the exercises, the less boring will be your workout.

2. Reduce the Intervals Between Two Exercises for High Intensity

If your interval between two exercises is usually 20 seconds, reduce it to half and experience the benefits of high intensity. You can always choose to reduce the interval gradually, instead of directly cutting it down by half. This is an effective way to increase your stamina and endurance level.

3. Increase the Number of Sets or Repetitions

If the number of sets that you do for each exercise is two, test your strength by increasing the number of sets or number or repetitions that you do per set. It is a good idea to increase the number of repetitions after your body has easily adapted to a certain count. Once the body is comfortable with a specific count, the rate at which it converts fat into muscles is considerably reduced. It is important to surprise your body to achieve better results.

4. Increase Your Weight Bearing Capacity

If you use a 5 pound dumbbell to tone your arms, try using an 8 pound or a 10 pound dumbbell. It could be challenging in the first few attempts, so it is fine if you reduce the number of repetitions until your body is strong enough to handle a heavier weight for completing your regular set. Increasing the weight by 5 pounds after a specific period of time will help to burn the fat rapidly.

5. Try Circuit Training Outdoors

Performing a circuit training routine outdoors is a completely different variation from your regular indoor environment. You can try out your routine in a park near your house, where you can combine cardio and strength training by running on the jogging track. You can target those major muscles by using your own body weight to do squats and lounges on the ground, followed by push ups, cycling, or crunches to strengthen your core. A different environment does wonders and will be a refreshing change from your regular circuit training routine.

The above 5 ways will liven up your circuit training routine, and help you to achieve that toned body and six pack abs that you’ve always dreamt of.


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