5 Ways To Achieve Total Body Fitness

The best way to achieve total body fitness is through a varied workout program that includes cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching. By creating a workout that combines many elements, you can have a healthy heart, good lung capacity, lean muscle mass, and an ideal BMI, while decreasing your risk of injury. Here’s how:

1. Start a Rotation

The easiest way to achieve total body fitness is to work on one aspect of your fitness plan per day. For example, one day you do cardio, the next you do strength training, and the next day you do stretching and toning. Using a rotation like this, you give your muscles and tendons time to recover and heal before your next workout.

2. Use Different Cardio Workouts

Cardio is an important element to achieving total body fitness, but doing the same thing day after day can become monotonous. By using different sports and activities to get your cardio workout in, you decrease your chance of injury and improve your range of motion. Try:

  • jogging
  • brisk walking
  • biking
  • aerobics
  • ski machines
  • basketball
  • soccer 
  • tennis

Use this part of your workout to do something fun that you enjoy.

3. Increase Your Strength

The common misunderstanding is that lifting weights will make you bigger, however, this is not true. Lifting weights is necessary to help you burn more fat, increase your bone density, give your body shape, and make your confidence soar. Just two or three sessions of 20 minutes should be enough to notice differences in your body’s tone.

4. Stretch and Tone

To really achieve total body fitness, you should include strength and stretching exercises in your workout. At least an hour weekly dedicated to stretching, yoga, and Pilates works very well to avoid injury, improve balance, strengthen joints and tendons, and relax your muscles and organs. Stretching is necessary after any type of movement. It should be done after all your cardiovascular workouts and not before, as cardio is best when your muscles are cool. Also, you shouldn’t perform a static stretch on a cold muscle.

5. Eat Right

It is difficult to achieve your fitness goals if you do not feed your body with the nutrients that it needs to heal itself after your workouts. By watching your diet and eating a diverse array of foods (including plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish, and healthy fats), you will help your body in your quest to meet your goals. Try eating 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 larger meals to help increase your metabolism. 

Total body fitness includes many aspects of exercise. The best way to achieve the results you desire is to combine cardio, strength training, and stretching. Working together in sync, you will be able to sculpt your body, get the results you desire, and move with grace.


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