5 Ways Fitness Shoes Improve Workouts

Fitness shoes are shoes with a modified heel which unbalances the foot and increases the involvement of the muscles used while standing and walking. Fitness shoes were originally developed to help people rehabilitate after foot injuries, but are now used by people to improve their walks and workouts. It takes a few weeks to get used to wearing fitness shoes, so no workouts besides walking should be attempted for at least two months after buying fitness shoes. These shoes aren’t suitable for workouts that require quick movements or balance, but can be worn in some strength training exercises and light jogging. Here are some ways that fitness shoes can improve workouts.

Improve Posture

Fitness shoes help to align the spine and the bones of the leg, by unbalancing the foot and forcing the rest of the body to hold itself upright to compensate. By keeping you in the correct posture for workouts, fitness shoes help to ensure that you will perform standing exercises correctly, as well as train your body to keep correct posture at other times.

Improve Circulation

Fitness shoes have been shown to increase circulation to the muscles of the feet and the legs, even while the wearer is just standing still. This increased circulation is not only good for long-term health, it can also improve workouts by oxygenating the muscles so that they can perform for longer periods of time.

Isolate Core Muscles

The core muscles, a group of abdominal muscles, are difficult to isolate through exercise. They help with posture, and strengthening them can help with back pain and neck pain, as well as increasingly flexibility and improving overall performance in many different sports. Core muscles are used in balance, and fitness shoes can activate them through unbalancing the foot so that the core muscles work to compensate.

Help Burn More Calories

Fitness shoes make your leg muscles and stomach muscles work harder. This is achieved by lowering the heel further than it would ordinarily fall and unbalancing the foot so that more work is needed to stay upright. This means that you use up slightly more calories with each step, or even when standing still, and these calories can add up to a significant amount. Fitness shoes have been shown to increase the metabolism even when the wearer is standing calmly. The more calories that are burned, the more fat is lost, which is often a goal of workouts.

Stretch and Tone Muscles

The leg muscles work harder when you wear fitness shoes, which will strengthen and tone them. They allow the leg muscles to stretch further when the heel is depressed and this will also lead to greater flexibility. Stronger and more flexible muscles add to overall health and can eventually make workouts even more effective, as more varied and difficult routines can be used.

Fitness shoes should be used with caution, particularly by those who have existing conditions that affect the feet and legs. However, they can be an excellent addition to some types of workouts, with many different benefits.


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