5 Unusual Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are popular because they offer a twist on a usual workout, rather than the monotony of a cardio machine. Even the most popular and fun classes need a switch here and there, to give you a little mental variety and to keep your muscles guessing. If the same old group fitness classes aren’t doing it for you, try one of these five creative, exciting, or just plain different group fitness classes!

1. Cardio Hula Hoop

That’s right, a hula hoop!  That toy that we played with as kids is back as a fitness tool tool for middle-whittling in a snap.  All that you need for this workout is a hoop!  Hoop classes are not only fun, but rythmic.  Practicers say that hooping increases the mind body connection, much like yoga, and offers extreme core training.  Hoop aerobics class participants use weighted hoops to increase muscle tone and flatten abs.

2. Cardio Pole Dancing

This group fitness class is not just fun, it’s sexy, too!  Pole fitness classes are exactly that–pole dancing for fitness!  All that twirling around a pole, and you’re on your way to toned legs, a stronger core and to increased upper body strength.  Beyond that, you will leave this class feeling powerful, sexy and confident. The good news is, you’re fully dressed in this one, keeping even the most outgoing woman’s shyness at bay.

3. Punk Rope

If you like jammin’ your tunes while you work out, this could be the leg-toning, heart-pumping class for you. Punk rope is exactly what it sounds like…jumping rope to punk rockin’ tunes. Classes combine this easy learning curve exercise with other calisthenics, sprints, and bodyweight strength to a fun, hour long workout, toning your total body, but pushing your legs beyond what you ever thought you could do!  This fabulous class is new to the fitness circuit, so hunt down a class today!  All you need is a fun attitude, and a great sports bra…obviously.

4. Smart Bells

Smart bells combine the idea of using dumbells or weight plates to gain muscular strength, but have an innovative curved designed, so you can hold them during your ENTIRE workout, increasing not only muscular power and tone, but range of motion and calorie burn as well.  Think of being able to hold a weight during your entire yoga class.  Now THAT would increase your power, flexibility and challenge your stability as well! The class takes you through exercises and stretches using the smartbells to add a little weight and jump start results at light speed.

5. Forza

This Samurai-inspired core workout is all the rage, and may even help you work out some of yours!  Using wooden swords (phew!) you will thrust, chop and slice your way through an hour long class of circuits that focus on training your core, shoulders, arms and legs. One part scary, one part awesome, this class with get you cut…without cutting you up!

Find one of these five new fitness class near you and get on the trend now!  You’ll soon learn what the well-deserved hype is all about, and tone a sleek and sexy body while you do it!


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