5 Tricks to Avoid PMS Weight Gain

Each month, women all over the world are slaves to tampons, pads, emotional hormones and PMS weight gain. All that dedication to weight loss goes down the drain as hormones take over and cravings are in full force. One step on the scale is all a premenstrual woman needs to be thrown into an emotional tizzy. Some studies have shown that PMS sufferers consume an average of 500 more calories per day in the days leading up to their period. For every seven days that this happens, those 500 calories add up to 3,500, or equal to one pound of weight gain. Yikes! Try some easy strategies to keep extra pounds at bay.

1. Hydrate!

Most of the weight that women gain during PMS is water weight, but believe it or not, downing a little extra water will help flush toxins, reduce bloating and can keep your stomach feeling full. If you are in the mood for food, try sipping a glass of water, or brewing a cup of tea. A little flavor and busy work for your mouth may have the added bonus of not only keeping you well hydrated, but keeping cravings away, too.

2. Work It Out

Lots of women use cramps as an excuse to avoid the gym, but a good sweat session will help work the cramps out, keep you busy (not focusing on tummy trouble), and will burn off extra calories that a few bites of chocolate may put on. Balance your workout with some cardio and strength training, or head to a class like yoga where you’re committed to staying for the hour. On that note, be sure that you have a cute gym-ready outfit that flatters. All that bloat and crankiness could keep you out of the gym if you feel fat in your gym gear. Try shopping for an outfit when you are suffering from PMS so you’ll see exactly what you want to cover.

3. Plan Your Meals Wisely

Cravings hit in full force around PMS time. This is the perfect time to treat yourself right in the kitchen. Plan healthy, filling meals that are comforting and balanced. Try adding in comforting foods, veggies and even soups to keep you full and feeling like you had a complete meal. Now is not the time to skimp on meals in an effort to save calories. Doing so can leave you feeling unsatisfied. Next up, a trip to the kitchen to raid the fridge so you feel better. Have a full, protein rich meal with adequate calories, and you’re less likely to hunt down any old thing in the fridge.

4. Take Care of Your Teeth

When you’ve got a hankering for something to eat, head it off at the pass by chomping on some sugar free gum or brushing your teeth. Clean teeth (or a busy mouth) may keep you from eating a ton of junk. Not to mention, the calming mint of your toothpaste may do the trick by taking care of your need for some flavor.

5. Switch to Decaf

The caffeine in coffee undoubtedly causes jitters and can push your PMS irritability to new heights. Switch out some decaf when you brew your morning pot, either completely or in half, and you’ll be less likely to give in to those intense cravings just because you’re feeling crabby.


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