5 Tips on Jogging with Dumbbells

Many people are looking for ways to increase their heart rate, or increase the burn of calories without having to perform longer workouts. One of the effective ways that has been publicized recently is that of jogging while holding dumbbells. This exercise increases the workload, which in turn increases how hard the muscles, heart and lungs have to work. There are some downsides to jogging with dumbbells. Properly warming up for the exercise is a must; without the proper warm up there could be injuries. Muscles could fatigue faster and cramp, leaving the athlete unable to finish the jog, or worse yet, they could end up unable to carry the weight.

Tip 1: Weight Selection

Find a weight that will work. Start off light and work to a heavier weight. Starting off with a weight that is too heavy could leave the individual physically drained before the run ends, or in some cases it could cause injuries that would leave them unable to run or exercise for some time.

Tip 2: Style of Dumbbell

Being as comfortable as possible during the run is very important. One of the ways to assist with this is to purchase dumbbells that are user friendly and easy to hold onto while running. These types of dumbbells can usually be found at the local running or athletic shop.

Tip 3: Stretch and Listen to Your Body

Before beginning the jog it is very important that the individual stretches and warms up effectively. A good stretch and warm up routine should last at least five minutes. This even includes wrists, arms, legs and back. During the jog it is very important to listen to your body. It will tell you if the weights need to be adjusted, and whetehr the pace is too fast or too slow. Since jogging with dumbbells is new, you may notice a fatigue or burning in the forearms and/or biceps. If this occurs, allow time to rest and let your arms stop burning, then continue.

Tip 4: Stay Hydrated

Find a way to stay hydrated. Utilizing weights while performing any exercise routine will increase heart rate as well as core body temperature, causing you to perspire more. A tool that could come in handy to stay hydrated while still allowing your hands to be free for the dumbbells is a hydrate pack. This product it is just a small version of a backpack with a tube straw and a bladder that holds water. It allows you to carry drinking water and access it through the tube straw throughout the run or jog.

Tip 5: Cool Down

Anyone beginning an exercise routine of any kind needs to allow themselves adequate time to cool down. This could include a walk at the end of the jog. This walk can be done with or without the dumbbells but it needs to be done to bring your elevated heart rate back down to normal BPM (beats per minute).

Remember to consult your personal physician before beginning any exercise routine that is strenuous or could increase your heart rate above normal BPM for an extended period of time. This holds true especially if you are new to exercise.


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