5 Tips for Mess-Free Hair Waxing

Waxing at home can certainly be an adventure for anyone with little experience in the world of hair waxing, but with some preparation and practice, the process can be a fairly professional one even if you don’t visit the salon. Although there’s no way to completely eliminate the mess made when you wax at home, there are several things you can do to ensure your waxing session is as mess-free as possible. As with any at-home beauty technique, intelligent preparation and practice will get you to the cleanest waxing experience.

1. Try Wax Strips

There is more than one method to complete a home waxing and in recent years wax strips have become a popular mess-free way to deal with unwanted hair. As a great option for smaller areas such as bikini lines and eyebrows, using wax strips eliminates nearly all of the mess that is usually associated with microwavable wax containers, wax brushes and wax removal papers.

Wax strips are available in a variety of costs, but the way to choose the best wax strip for your body is through trial and error. The price tag isn’t always the best way to determine which brand is best for you, and trying a variety of wax strips is recommended until you perform your perfect at-home waxing.

2. Use Roll-On Wax Applicators and Waxing Machine

Several at-home wax machines are available at beauty supply stores that eliminate the need to heat wax independently and provide disposable roll-on applicators in one neat and tidy package.

3. Use Water-Soluble Wax

There are generally two types of over-the-counter waxes available in most supermarkets and beauty supply stores. One wax is a combination of paraffin and beeswax, and the second is a water soluble solution with a sugar base. Waxes that are water soluble are much easier to clean than paraffin waxes. In addition to purchasing store-bought sugar waxes, there are also several recipes for making a sugar paste on your own if you’d like to completely avoid artificial fragrances.

4. Use Disposable Towels for Cleanup

Although using paper towels or other heavy-duty towels for cleaning after a wax session might seem at odds with being environmentally friendly, cleaning up after a waxing can sometimes ruin reusable bath towels. Surprisingly, some of the best towels to clean up after a wax session are heavy-duty paper towels created for car washing. These towels are strong enough to help remove any bits of left-over wax and will also leave very few pieces of the paper towel behind after you clean.

5. Dont Wax Too Soon

Attempting to wax hair that is too short may result in failed hair removal, which might require additional wax treatments. Having to wax the same area more than once creates double the mess and can be especially harsh on sensitive skin. Exfoliating the area to be waxed the night before your session can aid in helping you to remove as much hair as possible, as swiftly as possible, ensuring that you create the smallest amount of cleanup.


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