5 Tasty Lunch Ideas for the Diet Smart Plan

The Diet Smart Plan was created by Barry Sanders, who believes that weight loss should come from making small, healthy changes to your eating habits rather than engaging in an extreme diet that leads to drastic, quick weight loss. By making these small, gradual changes, you are more likely to stick to a healthy eating routine and maintain your goal weight for the long-term.

The Diet Smart Plan won’t deprive you of any particular foods, but rather promotes the foods you should be eating and limits the foods that could harm your weight loss efforts. It does this by dividing foods into 5 groups: free foods, basic foods, single portion foods, modified foods and limited foods. On this eating plan, you will proportionally eat foods from each category, pay attention to your daily calorie intake, and eat 5 or 6 times a day to aid digestion. Here are some tasty lunch items that you can enjoy while on the Diet Smart Plan:

1. Cheeseburger and Quinoa Salad

Yes, you can eat cheeseburgers on this diet plan! However, it is a “modified food,” which means you must prepare it the healthiest way possible. Make sure the patty consists of lean meat, and eat your burger protein-style (wrapped in lettuce). Feel free to top it with whichever healthy fixings you prefer: sautéd onions, mushrooms, tomato, avocado and/or onion. On the side, enjoy a small side of quinoa, a.k.a. the super grain. Simply mix together quinoa and lots of chopped veggies, and flavor it with some olive oil and spices.

2. Whole Wheat Pasta

Pasta is acceptable on the Diet Smart Plan, but since it is considered a “single portion food,” your lunch portion should remain small. Top your whole wheat pasta with lots of sautéd veggies and some low-fat marinara sauce, and enjoy it with a side of mixed greens.

3. Salmon Salad

Since mixed greens and veggies are considered “free foods,” go ahead and load your salad with as much lettuce and veggies as you’d like! Top it off with a small amount of salmon, and flavor it with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Since you were so good at lunch, go ahead and have some ice cream for dessert. However, take note that ice cream is a “single portion food,” and therefore only enjoy one scoop.

4. Pizza

It’s great to indulge in pizza every now and then, and the Diet Smart Plan realizes this and doesn’t deprive you of your craving. However, pizza is considered a “limited food,” and therefore should only be enjoyed once a week. Add a side salad to your slice to increase the nutritional value of your lunch.

5. Chicken Kabobs and Baked Potato

Chicken and potatoes are considered “basic foods,” which means you should include them in your daily diet, but pay attention to the calorie count. Enjoy some chicken kabobs that consist of white meat and lots of grilled veggies, and supplement them with a small baked potato.



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